Undoubtedly possessing some of the most breathtaking spas in Greece, the Myconian Collection’s seven Spa Centres are an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. In the serene atmosphere of our hotels, you do not need to go to extremes to experience intense moments of self-indulgence.

Designed to refresh and rejuvenate mind, body and soul, the Spa Centres have been conceived and designed to provide an overwhelmingly luxurious journey into well-being fulfilled through their inspiring design and uplifting atmosphere, combining to offer guests a supreme spa experience. Reflecting the mystical rhythms of health and rejuvenation rooted in Greek antiquity that have inspired so many elements of today’s wellness culture, our Thalasso Spa Centres’ thalassotherapy pools reference the Greek word ‘thalassa’ – ‘sea’ – viewed by the Greeks as an eternal life force. Its unique curative properties were praised as far back as Greek antiquity by the great Hippocrates. With its dazzling sunlight and deep blue mesmerising seas, Mykonos provides the perfect destination for rejuvenation thanks to its ionised sea air, saltwater and the bright Aegean sun which, once combined with classic techniques from all over the world delivered by our expert therapists, result in treatments that are sure to take effect.

So whether you’re looking to sculpt your body in one of our state-of-the-art gym rooms, whether you seek to relax your mind, or simply want to give your skin a new glow from within, the Myconian Collection’s seven Spa Centres are where you want to go to find transformation and optimal well-being. Using gentle healing arts from all four corners of the globe that have evolved over millennia, the treatments are designed to include therapeutic elements that soothe the body and the mind. At our Spa Centres, we invite you to relax and reconnect through a series of treatments that will bring harmony and balance from the inside out while respecting your needs. Our highly trained therapists and practitioners tune in to your exact needs to provide transformative results and above all else, unique experiences.

With your skin and well-being at the heart of every therapy, we have joined forces with the following world leading premium spa brands:

– ELEMIS, the leading professional British spa and therapeutic skincare science company is available only at the most exclusive spas around the world and is renowned for exceptional dynamically active anti-ageing ingredients and effective massage sequences. The combination of natural active ingredients with pioneering technology has enabled the company to develop revolutionary anti-ageing products and offer therapies that embrace the ever-changing needs of today’s lifestyle.

– LIGNE ST. BARTH, the highly sought-after line from the Caribbean, has come to be known for its originality and the exceptional quality of its entirely natural floral blends. Owned and run by the Brin family, whose French ancestors settled on the island of St. Barthélemy in the 17th century, the laboratory combines generations of expert skincare knowledge with Caribbean tradition and modern technology to provide elixirs blended exclusively from natural products.

– KERSTIN FLORIAN is a state-of-the-art range based on thermal mineral water, herbal extracts, mud, algae and essential oils which are sourced from all over the world so that only the highest quality ingredients make it into its progressive range of over 100 professional spa and retail products. The resulting 25 exclusive treatments encompass facial, body, bath and sun care. While the Myconian sun and Aegean Sea begin to take effect as soon as you set foot on any one of our pool decks and the island’s spectacular beaches, you can take this sense of well-being to another level with either an introduction or continuation of treatments with unquestionable benefits.


Defined as a spiritual and ascetic discipline characterised by controlling the breath, maintaining specific body postures and meditating with the aim of relaxing and promoting good health, yoga is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Yoga Sessions at the Myconian Collection are designed for all levels and offer easy steps for beginners along with greater challenges for more advanced students (to encourage beginners, we offer introductory classes for groups or private clients) in a selection of on-site indoor and outdoor locations as well as in other unique settings around the island.

Pilates instruction is also available for beginners (we offer introductory classes for groups or private sessions) through to advanced level at the Ambassador’s state-of-the-art Pilates Studio where our friendly and experienced Pilates instructors can create tailor-made programs for all levels – with modifications for beginners and greater challenges for advanced students. Based on the original six Pilates principles concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing each 55-minute Pilates session will make your whole body feel re-aligned and centred, resulting in improved flexibility and stamina and an overall sense of wellbeing.


The Myconian Collection spas serve all of our resorts, with the properties on Elia Beach and Platis Gialos each boasting a Spa Centre, while the Satory Spa at the Myconian Korali in Mykonos Town serves our three Mykonos Town properties. The individual sites of our luxury hotels all have a spa brochure which you can consult – or you can just ask our concierge to assist you.


Dedicated to the Spirit of pampering, the Avaton Sanctuary spa’s incredibly beautiful facilities include a heated indoor pool, relaxation area along with thalassotherapy pools that draw on the cleansing and curative properties of seawater praised since Greek antiquity, treatment rooms and a gym room that is open from 9 am to 9 pm and boasts the latest training and exercise equipment with stunning views over Elia beach. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a wellness regime, are already a spa devotee or you’re just looking to relax and rejuvenate whilst on vacation, our experienced practitioners and therapists are committed to ensuring that you receive positive and long-lasting benefits. Meanwhile, the curative effects of mineral enriched seawater are taken to another level in the various seawater pools, each with a different temperature and salinity content, proven to be very beneficial for joint and back problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, water retention as well as for sheer indulgence and relaxation. Add to the restorative benefits of the sea air, saltwater and strong summer sun by taking your well-being to the next level as you enter a sublime world that moves to the serene rhythms of rejuvenation. We take extreme pride in the creation of therapies that really do work provided by dedicated and insightful practitioners and therapists. There are also yoga and Pilates classes available upon request.


Without a doubt one of the most luxurious massages you have ever experienced, this unbelievably Hydrating Body Massage is almost like talking a walk in

an English rose garden. Rose, camelina and poppy seed oils are used in order to maintain and restore elasticity as well as encourage skin renewal. Combined with the treatment’s nurturing rose body balm and a bespoke massage, they ensure that the skin is exquisitely hydrated, intensely supple and deliciously scented.


This summer, choose to immerse yourself in pure indulgence by selecting from a menu of spa classics personalized to your needs by our expert therapists who use a range of award-winning anti-ageing and beauty products to bring your body and mind into perfect equilibrium. Our light-filled, airy gym room, open from 9 am to 9 pm, is well equipped with the latest in training and exercise systems, while we also offer yoga and Pilates classes with a personal trainer as well as exclusive yoga experiences on the secluded beaches of Rhenia and Delos, accessed by private boat. If you are interested in yoga but haven’t tried it before, we offer introductory classes for groups or private clients that are taught on site or at a number of other incredible locations. We also host dedicated yoga retreats with world class teachers once a year at the Ambassador. Make the most of our world-class fitness facilities, which include a state-of-the-art Pilates Studio equipped with a Balanced Body Reformer, Combo chair and Tower unit. Pilates programmes tailored by our expert instructors are available for beginner to advanced level and include mat classes, duet mat classes, duet equipment classes and private mat or equipment sessions. The duration of each session is 55 minutes based on the original six Pilates principles: concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. This method helps improve flexibility and endurance with a special focus on posture, breathing, core strength, coordination and balance. Our Pilates sessions can be combined with a spa treatment for the ultimate mind and body boost.


This results-driven resurfacing skin treatment targets the signs of ageing whilst also alleviating skin that is dull, tired and uneven in tone. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with the skin’s unique structure, the treatment entails a pioneering precision layering protocol that uses not one but three layers of enzymes to nibble away at dead skin, immediately revealing extraordinary results. This impressive option delivers powerful exfoliation and renewal to result in smoother and younger looking skin.


With its dazzling sunlight and deep crystalline seas, Mykonos has long been famed as a destination for rejuvenation and well-being, where wishes can come true and desires can be indulged. The spa at the Myconian Imperial offers the opportunity to escape to a sublime retreat where the island’s intense energy serves to maximise the well-being experience on offer. The state-of-the-art facilities enhance the sheer pleasure of luxuriously long, nurturing treatments. Select from an extensive list of effective holistic treatments that can be personalised to your needs. Offering a wide range of indulgent treatments and massages, our expert therapists and practitioners utilise award-winning spa anti-ageing beauty products to bring your body and mind into a state of perfect equilibrium. Designed to respect the body and work in natural synergy with the skin, spirit and mind, each and every treatment is designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage techniques from all four corners of the globe along with some of the most potent active ingredients available today. In addition to the seductive ambience of the spa, our gym room, open from 9 am to 9 pm, is equipped with pioneering weight training and cardiovascular equipment, offering an ultra-modern environment designed to maximise your workout while you enjoy stunning views of Elia beach. Pilates and yoga sessions can also be arranged.



The ultimate in facial treatments uses three bio-electric technologies and superfood skin actives. This ELEMIS Signature Treatment has been designed exclusively for the Myconian Collection’s spas. Designed to instantly remove any sign of fatigue to reveal incredibly rested skin, the treatment uses an ultrasonic spatula that vibrates 15,000 times a second to safely exfoliate and prep the skin. What follows is the application of microcurrent lifting technology to sculpt and lift the facial contour before an oxygen infusion (with 95% pure oxygen) is pumped directly into lines and wrinkles to reveal super-healthy youthful skin.


Appointed to the highest standard of comfort with an aesthetic conceived just as much to rejuvenate the mind and body as to relax the senses, the Royal Myconian spa is a cool sanctuary of tranquillity and relaxation. Extending the high standards of service evident throughout the hotel, the spa’s wide array of treatments showcase traditional rituals combined with a bespoke approach. Nature’s most powerful resources are also harnessed and combined in exclusive product ranges from renowned spa companies such as Elemis, St Barth’s and Kerstin Florian, selected for their active ingredients and rejuvenating therapies developed through pioneering research. Welcoming our valued guests to a spa experience with a fresh innovative approach to holistic well-being, the energising, detoxifying and relaxing treatments have one clear aim: To provide a ticket to pampering and rejuvenation. If you’re seeking to look your very best on Mykonos, indulge in one of the signature facial treatments such as the Elemis Pro-Definition & Contour treatment which helps restore the structure of the face through potent, active nutrients that support the extra-cellular matrix, or the Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial which is rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to nourished stressed and dull skin. Also offering a gym equipped with state-of-the-art weight training equipment and cardiovascular exercise systems, the fitness room is open from 9 am to 8 pm and ensures an effective workout against a backdrop of the shimmering waters of the Aegean.


This treatment sees traditional Lomi Lomi massage movements that sweep the length of the body in what can almost be described  as a synchronised dance where two therapists work in tandem. The lead therapist who is known as the “mother” sets the pace whilst  the second therapist acts as a “mirror” of the mother. Using ELEMIS’ incredible Frangipani Monoi Oil which is sourced from the Polynesian Islands, the two therapists work on your body at the same time to bring what can only be described as a mystical experience.


A true oasis of serenity and recovery, the luxurious facilities at the Myconian Utopia Resort’s Sanctuary Spa include a heated indoor pool, steam room and relaxation area as well as a thalassotherapy pool that draws on the cleansing and curative properties of seawater praised since ancient times. With each treatment designed to respect the body’s complex physiology and work in natural synergy with the skin, body and mind, an entirely unique experience awaits. And what unfolds – through a combination of expert massage movements, extracts from the sea, plants, flowers and botanicals and the innovative techniques applied in each and every treatment – are real, lasting results. Meanwhile, yoga and Pilates sessions are also available along with the gym room (open from 9 am to 9 pm), which is equipped with the latest in training and exercise systems and offers uplifting, stunning views over Elia beach. So just relax while age-old secrets of wellbeing extracted from the finest and purest natural resources from both land and sea revitalise your body through a Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift facial or an Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap, both proven to have powerful results. Alternatively, opt for a Sun Tanning Body Care treatment for a deep tan or a Chill Out body massage with warm shells that will leave you feeling completely revitalised. And afterwards, take a dip in our heated indoor pool before relaxing with fresh fruit and refreshments in our comfortable lounge chairs.


This intensive relaxing and refreshing treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands combines St. Barth’s curative cucumber or pineapple face masks to give you a visibly clearer, smooth and fresh complexion. A choice of a hands or scalp massage will take your relaxation to new heights.


Continuing the elegance exclusivity of the Villa Collection’s discrete opulence is the property’s on-site Rejuvenation Spa. Peace and tranquillity abound throughout the spa’s exquisite, exceptional facilities. They include a heated indoor pool, steam room and relaxation area, thalassotherapy pool, gym room and treatment rooms. Sophisticated levels of comfort combined with contemporary design elements result in a sense of effortless luxury and ease as a world of rejuvenation and peace slowly unfolds. Offering guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the island combined with the relaxation offered by our treatments, the spa’s experienced team promises a unique journey via a blend of experiences that are guaranteed to make all worries and anxieties a distant memory. Thanks to a wide array of treatments bringing together the tranquillity of ancient rituals with cutting edge technology and complete relaxation, you can spoil yourself with signature treatments such as the Lavender Turkish Salt Scrub or Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap that will leave you feeling as if you’ve emerged from a cocoon of wellness that has nurtured both your body and soul. For those looking to stay fit and trim whilst on vacation, the gym room, open from 9 am to 9 pm, is equipped with the latest in training and exercise systems and comes complete with stunning views over Elia beach. Yoga and Pilates sessions can also be arranged.


Using self-heating clam shells along with precious avocado and coconut oils, this Ligne St. Barth full body massage gently releases deep tension, relieves stress, stimulates the metabolism and, thanks to the calcium in the clam shells, ensures a firm and healthy skin complexion.


Owing to the Korali’s location and the sense of wellness that pervades the island of Mykonos itself, one is immediately uplifted merely by walking into the lobby of the Satory Spa. Offering guests the opportunity to truly indulge in cutting edge treatments supported by innovative products from the internationally renowned Elemis, Ligne St. Barth and Kerstin Florian Spa specialists, everything on offer is at once luxurious and soothing, with unmistakable results. This superb facility’s five therapeutic pools are on standby to balance the mind and soul whilst alleviating body ailments such as joint pains, back problems, arthritis, osteoporosis and water retention. Making the stress of everyday life a distant memory, effective face treatments are more than just an indulgence but a godsend after a long flight while massages and body treatments promise to detox, boost circulation and rejuvenate, all at the same time. Serving our three Mykonos Town properties, the Satory Spa also provides the perfect opportunity for more active pursuits through its own gym room as well as yoga and Pilates classes. All you have to do is sit back, drift off and experience the very latest cutting edge treatments performed by experts using the very best product lines in the world. After all, this is time just for you.



Following a gentle, relaxing body exfoliation using fresh papaya mouse, pure coconut Caribbean oil and sea sand, sun tanning products are massaged into the skin to boost the skin’s tanning ability followed by a cocktail of vegetable sun oils that help leave the skin looking radiant, with a deep golden colour.


Sore, aching muscles become a distant memory with this invigorating and deeply relaxing treatment. Using a uniquely designed amber and quartz poultice/bolus and combining the power of eucalyptus and juniper, this treatment targets each problematic area with vibrational energy to ease way all pain and tension. Boosted by a restorative facial massage, the amber and quartz in the poultice create a powerful mineral connectivity that invigorates the body and makes the skin more elastic.

HARMONY MASSAGE – 55mins/85mins.

Using Ligne St. Barth’s natural active ingredients from Caribbean plants whose healing and nourishing properties have been passed on for generations by the native Caribbean tribe known the Arawaks, this holistic soothing massage begins with a relaxing ceremony. The expertly selected and applied products have a decongestive and draining effect on the lymphatic system.