Everyone’s favourite MAFS lovebirds Cam and Jules are achieving ultimate couple goals on the waterways of Belgium with Le Boat. And you can too.Anywhere that’s known for producing some of the world’s best chocolate, beer and chips  is certainly  a romantic destination to set your sights on. Which is exactly why ‘Married at First Sight’ couple Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson have planned a Le Boat cruise through Flanders ahead of their (official) upcoming nuptials.

The fire between Cam and Jules is sure to burn even hotter as  they take a romantic cruise along Belgium’s canals and rivers. From exploring medieval cities, to wandering through sweeping meadows, to relaxing sandy beaches, Cam and Jules have their sights set on love in  Belgium.

With Le Boat, you can feel the love just like Cam and Jules. Le Boat has plenty of suggested CRUISE itinerary options in Belgium and throughout Europe with Cruise durations ranging from 3 to 14+ nights.

Nieuwpoort Round Trip (3-nights)

For those short on time but big on love, a suggest short break itinerary starting in the cosmopolitan seaside city of Nieuwpoort, followed by Diksmuide, Ypres and Veurne,  could be the perfect option. In Niewuwport you can enjoy this seaside location with walks along the beach. Diksmuide is known for its exceptional gothic church, La Pièta, while Veurne has a market square and excellent shopping. Cruise the calm waters from Diksmuide to Ypres, a city full of history and astonishing beauty and return to Nieuwpoort via Veurne.

Priced from $AUD1300 for a three night cruise for up to four people.

Nieuwpoort Return via Bruges (7-nights)

If you have a little more time, explore the seaside city of Nieuwpoort before heading on to Bruges. When it comes to true love (something Cam and Jules seem to know a fair bit about), Bruges is the place to be. The medieval centre of Bruges is UNESCO World Heritage Site worth exploring. You can explore on foot or if you’ve caught the love bug, you can explore it by carriage.

Priced from $AUD2450 for a seven night cruise for up to four people.

Nieuwpoort Return via Bruge, Ghent, Kortrijk & Oudenaarde (14-nights)

If time, like love, is on your side then get to know this incredible region of Belgium on a more intimate level. Start your journey in Nieuwpoort before cruising to Ostend, Bruges and Deinze. From Deinze, visit the gorgeous town of Kortrijk for some unbelieveable architecture including the Broel towers. Step back in time, with a visit to Bossuit and its 17th century castle. Understand the art of carpet and tapestry weaving in Oudenaarde before heading to Ghent, the ‘pearl of Flanders’. Pictures are a must on your epic Le Boat journey of Flanders. Cam and Jules are sure to take some snaps to show their future family.

Priced from $AUD4800 for a 14 night cruise for up to four people.

When it comes to love, Belgium has plenty to give. And there is no better way to see this beautiful country than with Le Boat. Each Le Boat itinerary can be customized entirely to your desires. With over 50 years of boating experience under their belt, exceptional service and attention to detail, Le Boat are the number one holiday boating company in Europe and perfect for that romantic getaway… just ask Cam and Jules.