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Over the past few years, Sydney hotelier Luke Lazarus has contributed tens of thousands to local charities that focus on helping the people of our local communities.

Notably, he has given significant sums to local sporting teams, animal protection and human rights organisations. This is on top of the millions invested in real estate renovation and revitalisation projects that build thriving communities.

A Proven Commitment to Local Communities

Luke Lazarus is a hotelier and established entrepreneur who has started, built, and run several businesses over the last 20 years. Together with his father, Andrew Lazarus, they have become a force in commercial real estate over the past 30 years thanks to their entrepreneurial drive, leadership, and sense of ethical responsibility to the community.

The Lazarus’ have expressed on numerous occasions the importance of being involved in the community, giving directly to causes, and engaging in responsible real estate development to build thriving local communities. Luke’s personal donations and investment demonstrate his own commitment to this mission and his family’s legacy in the Sydney and Newcastle area.

Supporting Community Sports Teams

The Lazarus family are firmly committed to supporting local sporting teams, noting that “local sporting teams are often the heart of the community. They teach kids what being part of a team is all about and it’s a healthy past time that’s often better than getting up to trouble whilst bored.” One such example of Lazarus’ philanthropic contribution is his yearly $20,000 donation to the Newcastle Olympic Football Club. The CEO of Newcastle FC George Sofianos, who is also the CEO of the local Newcastle fishery, Red Funnel.

Lazarus and his businesses also donate significantly to other local sporting teams in local communities, such as the Fingal Bay Bomboras, who can only survive from the generous donations of people such as Lazarus.

Collectively Supporting Causes that Matter

The Shoal Bay Country Club also donates 100% of its membership funds to local charities yearly. In 2021, this amounted to a much-needed $8000 gifted to two important charities.

  • Port Stephens Koalas – This koala rescue and hospital provides medical care and rehabilitation for injured koalas (such as those impacted by the unprecedented wildfires of 2020) so that they may again thrive in their natural habitat.
  • Tomaree Neighbourhood Centre – A social support services charity that assists ‘at risk’ communities struggling with financial and other hardships.

Community Revitalisation Through Real Estate Renovation

Australian inflation is at a 20-year high as tomorrow’s money becomes less valuable than today’s. Families continue to feel the pain regarding the rising costs of petrol, new housing construction, and food. Historically low-interest rates have driven up the price of homes, making obtaining a house or business impossible for many.

Investments in the revitalisation and expansion of hotels, pubs, and other venues in the greater Newcastle area increase local job opportunities, wages, and accommodation that can help lessen the impact and strengthen communities from the inside out.

Many Newcastle Pubs are Selling Now

The Cambridge Hotel

Cambridge Hotel is a community-loved live music venue that announced its closure in early 2022 as its 6-year lease was set to expire. A subsequent petition to save this local treasure has been circulated around Newcastle; however, it has not been successful, and The Cambridge Hotel will close in July 2023.

The Commonwealth Hotel

Affectionately known as the ‘Commy’, locals Kath and Stu have recently listed the pub for sale. However, to date there have been no takers. The pub is widely known as being very well run and few publicans are brave enough to follow on from the great job the couple has done.

The Lucky Hotel

This vital mainstay in the Newcastle pub rock scene has seen significant revitalisation efforts since its early struggles that led to its closing in 2002. The recent acquisition and renovation of this venue have revitalized the trade

Grand Hotel

This Victorian-era pub and hotel were purchased with 17 ensuite accommodation rooms. The hotel’s accommodation offering has increased its ability to meet the needs of travellers and increased the hotel’s revenue-generating potential, furthering its financial stability and ability to remain a fixture in the community for years to come.

Luke Lazarus’ Ongoing Investment in his Local Community

Luke Lazarus continues to demonstrate his commitment to the greater Newcastle area through his direct contributions to local causes and beloved community organisations and his investment in a thriving local community.