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If you are an individual living in the United Arab Emirates, and want to professionally practice any profession then you will need to obtain a license. That applies to every individual living there. Same thing applies to the health care professionals. All UAE national physicians who are doing their jobs in Emirate of Abu Dhabi may work in private and public sector simultaneously but for that they need to get a no objection certificate (NOC) from their Hospital management. In this article we will talk about the HAAD exam and its regulating body.

What is HAAD?

Health Authority of ABU DHABI abbreviated as HAAD is the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi. It is the regulating body of the Healthcare Society in Abu Dhabi. It ensures that excellent service is provided for the community by monitoring the health status of the population living there. HAAD initiates programs to spread awareness of healthy living standards among the people living in Abu Dhabi region. It is HAAD’s responsibility to shape the regulatory frameworks for the health system. Their vision is to create a healthier Abu Dhabi and they are on a mission to protect the health of individuals by ensuring that they get better access to health care services, finding ways to improve quality of care and sustainability of resources.

What is HAAD exam?

HAAD exam is conducted by HAAD itself and professionals must take it to obtain a valid license for working in their respective fields. There are various versions of HAAD exam depending on the student’s profession. We have listed all of them below:

  1. Doctors will have to obtain licenses from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi according to their designations i.e. whether they are general practitioners, interns, consultants, specialists or residential docs.
  2. Same thing applies for dentists.
  3. Nurses will have to obtain license from HAAD depending upon whether they are registered midwife, nurse, mental health nurse, pediatric nurse, community nurse or an assistant.
  4. Pharmacists will have to take different exams based on their specialization.
  5. Dieticians too need to obtain licenses, they have a different course to follow.

More information can be found here

How to apply for HAAD exam?

Before registering yourself for the exam you will first have to make sure that your professional qualification is up to the required standard or not. For that you will have to go through and assessment called, PQR (Professional Qualification Requirement).

If you meet the requirements, then you will have to first fill a registration form by visiting the HAAD website. If you already have an account simply log in, or simply complete the registration process. After you have registered, login to your account and click on “e-Licensing” and select exam. You can schedule your exam date and choose the desired location by clicking on “Exam Scheduling”. You can find your application status by searching entering the application id and then book your exam by paying the fees. Note*- there might be changes in the website so follow the current interface.

HAAD exam Syllabus

We have listed the syllabus briefly. The HAAD syllabus is broad and you can find more on the official HAAD website.

HAAD Exam Syllabus (Nurse)

Aspirants preparing for nurse HAAD exam must be aware of the following topics:

  1. Management of Nursing Care
  2. Professional and Ethical Practice
  3. Professional Development
  4. Clinical Competence

HAAD exam syllabus (Pharmacist)

Aspirants preparing for nurse HAAD exam should review of the following topics:

  1. Professional and Ethical Practice Self-Management
  2. Dispensing medicines
  3. Manage work issues and relationships
  4. Clinical competence

What are the pre-requisites for appearing in HAAD exam?

Pre-requisites for Doctors

  1. If you have been away from the profession for past 2 years you will have to undergo a period of supervision.
  2. You will need a fellowship in a related acknowledged body.
  3. You should have an MD from a recognized university.
  4. You will have to explain your practice based on the state you are applying for.

Pre-requisites for Pharmacists:

  1. If you have not been in the profession for last two years you will have to endure a period of administration.
  2. You need at least a BSc degree in pharmacy from a recognized university. Aspirants with a Pharm D Degree will also be preferred.
  3. You will need to explain your work based on the state you are applying for.

Pre-requisites for Nurses:

  1. Same pre-requisites as mentioned above but if you have not been in the profession for past 5 years you cannot apply.
  2. If you are applying for hospital positions, you will need at least one year of relevant experience.
  3. You will need fellowship in a related acknowledged body such as Royal College of Nursing.
  4. You should have a bachelor’s degree or nursing diploma.
  5. For ADON positions, master’s degree is required.
  6. Basic Life Support Certificate is compulsory for all nursing positions. If you don’t have one, get it.
  7. You will need to describe your profession based on the state for which you are applying.

How to prepare?

As you are already a professional or may be undertraining or you may be undertaking a fellowship program, you don’t need to worry much about the exam. Everything will be based on your field and the questions will be Multiple Choice questions based. To get a hint on the type of questions you will get on the exam, check the free resource section on HAAD exam website. There are online training programs like JVT that help you in every possible way to complete the exam preparation. You can find more online or take help from your guides.

The good thing about the exam is examinees are given 3 attempts to pass the exam and if he/she fails to pass it, then he/she can reappear for the exam after a 12-month period. If you have any confusion regarding the documents and registration visit http://medcityinternationalacademy.com/courses/haad/.

As it’s known, in order to practice your expertise in UAE, you need to get the licenses, especially if you are a Healthcare professional then it becomes more essential to be a verified professional. HAAD is the only responsible authority in UAE which provides you with health licenses. So if you want to be a verified healthcare professional I hope this article will help you to know how to get certified from HAAD. Good Luck.