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LEONARDO HOTELS - logoWe stayed at the Leonardo Royal Warsaw Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. In the centre of Warsaw, we had the opportunity to meet the city general manager, Mr. Nino Rosenlund. He agreed to an interview; the results were enlightening and informative. Nino has an extensive career with quality hotels in a number of countries. Further, I was interested in speaking to him about customer service, of which he is passionate.

Tell me a bit about the history of the group.

Leonardo Hotels Central Europe is part of the Fattal Hotel Group, founded in 1998 by David Fattal.

Mr. Nino Rosenlund, General Manager, Leonardo Royal Warsaw.

Mr. Nino Rosenlund, General Manager, Leonardo Royal Warsaw.

The brand portfolio includes Leonardo Hotels, Leonardo Royal Hotels, Leonardo Boutique Hotels, NYX Hotels by Leonardo Hotels, Leonardo Limited Edition, Jurys Inn, Herods, U Hotels, 7 Minds, Rooms by Fattal, Fattal Terminal, Master Collection, and Switch Up. With our headquarters in Berlin, we currently have 250 hotels in operation or in the pipeline.

How have guests’ needs and values changed over the years, and was that a catalyst for Leonardo Hotels Poland?

The evolving needs and values of guests over the years have played a pivotal role in shaping Leonardo Hotels Poland’s approach. Several notable trends and shifts in guest preferences have influenced the hospitality industry, prompting hotels to adapt and innovate.

Technology Integration: Modern guests increasingly prioritize technology integration in their hotel experience. This includes seamless online booking processes, mobile check-ins, and intelligent room features. Leonardo Hotels Poland has likely responded by investing in tech advancements to enhance guest convenience and connectivity.

Personalization: Guests now seek more personalized experiences tailored to their preferences. Leonardo Hotels Poland has implemented personalized services, such as customized room amenities (e.g., a particular room for ladies) or curated recommendations, to cater to individual guest needs.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices: With growing environmental awareness, guests often value sustainability. Hotels, We have adopted eco-friendly practices, such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and ethical sourcing, aligning with changing guest values.

Flexible Booking Options: Changing travel patterns and uncertainties have increased the demand for flexible booking options. We have adapted our booking policies to offer flexibility and accommodate guests’ changing needs.

Local Experiences: Guests now often seek authentic, local experiences—our City lovers provide guests with opportunities to explore and connect with the destination.

In essence, guests’ evolving needs and values have likely prompted Leonardo Hotels Poland to innovate and tailor its offerings, ensuring a contemporary and guest-centric approach in response to changing trends in the hospitality landscape.

Be subjective and offer what you think is special or memorable about visiting Poland and, indeed, your hotels.

Visiting Poland is a truly special and memorable experience, and our hotels in Warsaw and Krakow aim to amplify its uniqueness.

Rich Cultural Heritage: Poland boasts a rich cultural tapestry, with its historic cities, castles, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Staying at our hotels provides guests with a gateway to explore this cultural heritage, immersing themselves in Poland’s vibrant history and traditions.

Warm Hospitality: The warmth and hospitality of the Polish people create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Our hotels take pride in extending this hospitality, ensuring guests feel accommodated and genuinely embraced by the local warmth and friendliness.

Scenic Landscapes: Poland offers diverse and breathtaking landscapes from the picturesque Tatra Mountains to the Baltic Sea coastline. We are sure that in the future, we will also be able to welcome our guests to those locations.

Culinary Delights: Polish cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavours, showcasing hearty dishes and unique culinary traditions. Staying at our hotels allows guests to savour authentic Polish cuisine, offering a gastronomic adventure that adds a flavourful dimension to their visit.

Cultural Events and Festivals: Poland hosts numerous cultural events and festivals annually, celebrating music, arts, and traditions. Our hotels often serve as a hub for guests to partake in these events, enriching their visit with the vibrant spirit of local celebrations.

Dynamic Cities: Poland’s cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, pulsate with energy, blending historic charm with modern vitality. Our hotels are strategically positioned in these dynamic urban centres, offering guests a seamless blend of convenience and immersion into the lively city life.




Written by: Richard Coles