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As we kick off the Year of the Dragon, NOC Coffee Co. brings you an unparalleled coffee experience. In addition to our delectable sweet treats, we offer a diverse range of savoury delights, allowing you to savour crispy and buttery delicacies throughout the day, from morning to evening.

We are excited to launch several additions to our homemade pastry menu, using premium ingredients: the Bacon & Mushroom Swirl, Molten Cheese Croissant Cube, Chocolate Mochi Croissant, and Azuki Mochi Tart.

NOC Coffee Co. 2024 Newest Pastry Additions

Bacon & Mushroom Swirl $30

A savoury treat with fresh white mushrooms, crispy bacon, and a hint of black pepper to add a delightful kick. The savoury delight combines three distinct textures in every bite.

Pairing idea: Fizzpresso
The fizzy espresso-based sparkling beverage not only helps to cleanse the palate but also balances the smoky and spicy notes of the Swirl, resulting in a refreshing and revitalising experience.

Molten Cheese Croissant Cube $28

The 144-layered Croissant Cube, generously filled with a homemade molten cheese filling. Made with a harmonious blend of Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and Parmesan cheese, each bite offers a perfect balance of crispiness and moistness for every cheese lovers.

Pairing idea: Black

Paired with a nutty, full-bodied black coffee brewed with our No.18 house blend (shop link) that harmonizes beautifully with the richness of savory treats.

Chocolate Mochi Croissant $30

Experience our buttery croissant with a delicate 70% dark chocolate shell, filled with a blend of 48% Valrhona chocolate and chewy mochi. A delightful interplay of texture to offer you a brew-tiful afternoon tea.

Pairing idea: White
The subtle sweetness in the creamy aroma of white coffee brings out the layered texture of the croissant while also reducing its heaviness, offering a delightful and less greasy experience.

Azuki Mochi Tart $30

Savour this crispy tart filled with Hokkaido azuki bean paste and chewy mochi, creating a blissful sweet indulgence.

Pairing idea: Matcha
With Matcha’s cool nature, complements the warm nature of red beans, creating a harmonious balance. The silky smoothness of milk blends perfectly with the rich Marukyu Koyamaen Matcha, making it a classic pairing with Azuki Mochi Tart.