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Somewhere in SamoaIn a remarkable strategic move, Samoa Tourism is turning the electric fervour of the 2023 Rugby World Cup into a golden opportunity. The island nation is stepping into the limelight, putting forth a series of ingenious campaigns targeting the European travel trade and general consumers, emphasising France and England.

From Toulouse to Bordeaux, digital screens light up with Samoa Tourism’s compelling visuals. As the World Cup matches commence, a spectator’s eye may catch these displays, presenting an enticing offer – a chance to witness the much-anticipated Samoa vs. England battle live in Lille on October 7th. The process? Simple and interactive. Spectators are prompted to scan a QR code and follow the trail, ending up at @samoatourism on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

But there’s more to this strategy than just a game. Samoa Tourism is extending its invitation to the European travel industry through a webinar titled “Beautiful Samoa – Le rugby a une addresse.” Scheduled for September 19, this interactive session aims to enchant French and Belgian travel trade partners, offering them a glimpse of Samoa’s Pacific allure. Participants can clinch tickets for the pivotal Samoa vs. England clash as an added incentive.

While the digital realm buzzes, ground activities are no less vibrant. On September 22, an exclusive afternoon is charted out for select travel agents and tour operators from the vicinity of London. The venue, Clubhouse 5 in the heart of Leicester Square, is set to resonate with cheers as Manu Samoa, Samoa’s national rugby pride, faces off against the Pumas from Argentina. This isn’t just about the match; it’s an immersive experience with tantalizing food, drinks, and the coveted chance to win iconic rugby souvenirs signed by the Manu Samoa team.

Alison Cryer, a representative from the Samoa Tourism Authority in the UK, shared her insights, “The Rugby World Cup provides a unique platform for us. It’s not just about rallying behind our cherished team, Manu Samoa. It’s about showcasing our country’s splendor to France and the UK. Our campaign aims to be as much fun as it is insightful, fostering connections in the very spirit of this grand tournament.”

Indeed, for those who engage, there awaits the promise of a thrilling Lille match – a spectacle bound to etch memories, irrespective of allegiances.

For a deeper dive into Samoa’s wonders and to understand its offerings’ full spectrum, visit Samoa’s official tourism website.




Written by: Matthew Thomas