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First-ever cruise credit tracker launched.

January 27, 2021 Cruise News, Headline News No Comments

Many cruisers will have had cruises cancelled in the last year and given future cruise credits [FCC] which can be challenging to keep track of.

So, also if you have an FCC, you probably have a lot of questions like What exactly is a Future Cruise Credit or How can I use a Future Cruise Credit to plan my next dream vacation, with as we continue to have changes affecting sailings and the cruise industry as a whole, it comes as no surprise that it can be a bit difficult to keep up with all of the information.

With so many changes, Shipmate wondered how exactly its members were keeping up with the details for their FCCs, polling the community with this question and the top responses received were that members were using things like spreadsheets,  post-it-notes, and scraps of notebook paper, so after reading these responses, they knew there had to be an easier way for people to keep all of their FCC information right in one place, hence the Cruise Credit Tracker tool!

In addition to tracking FCC’s on cancelled sailings, this tool can be used to track booking certificates that were made onboard a previous sailing, means you or your clients will never forget a cruise credit or miss an expiration date again!

The first-ever Cruise Credit Tracker on Shipmate keeps track of every aspect of your Future Cruise Credit (FCC), future booking certificates, or other cruise line issued credits right in one place on your phone, so you never forget a cruise credit It’s very easy to use and makes organizing the complicated system of FCCs a simple process.

The following are the features on the new Cruise Credit Tracker:

  • Which cruise line the credit is associated with?
  • Certificate ID
  • Name of the individual holding the credit
  • Amount of Credit
  • Type of Credit being issued by your cruise line
  • Date of when the credit must be booked
  • Deadline of when you must sail using the credit
  • Status – Has it been used?
  • A section for additional notes

If you have a percentage discount on a future cruise, you just enter a $0 amount and note your percentage discount in the notes field.

Tracked cruise credits can be found under the ‘My Cruises’ section of Shipmate, with the Cruise Credit tracker living on your ‘My Cruises’ section of the Shipmate App.

In addition to the Cruise Credit tracker, Shipmate can be used to keep track of your cruise history as well as information on upcoming cruises right in one central place.

If you are starting to think of how exactly you want to use your Future Cruise Credit, Shipmate highly suggests taking some time to look around at all of the features on Shipmate to seamlessly help you plan your dream vacation.

It has everything from advanced cruise search features, tools to help you find the best deals on cruises, excursion booking, and a variety of helpful content from an authentic community of cruisers, with the community is one of the best places where you can get information and answers to questions you might have about ships or ports you are considering and the forums on Shipmate are packed with fellow cruisers eager to share reviews, tips, and photos of recent voyages to help other travellers plan their future sailings.

To download the Shipmate app and start tracking your Future Cruise Credits visit:

A report by John Alwyn-Jones

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