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Australia and New Zealand Travel company have just released their 2021 and 2022 Rail & Sail Deals.

February 12, 2021 Travel Deals No Comments

Rail and Cruise adventures deliver the best of both worlds, allowing you to see the picturesque landscapes of a country’s inland, before taking you out onto the sparkling ocean to visit neighbouring islands.

Double down on luxury and see the very best of Australia and New Zealand aboard grand ships and elegant trains.

A Rail and Cruise tour doesn’t mean you go from a luxurious cruise liner to a grimy train or vice versa. Both travel services complement each other when it comes to providing refreshing luxury. You can enjoy a sun-soaked pool on the ship, before revelling in generous fully-inclusive service while staying in your private train cabin.

It’s difficult not to be put into a state of utter relaxation after the combination of delicious food, friendly people, picture-perfect surrounds and quality entertainment. Each day brings new adventures and memorable experiences, whether you’re aboard a ship or cruising through the countryside on a legendary train journey.

Get the full view of a country

Some travellers only see the interior of a country, while others can only look at its coastline from the bow of a ship. Fortunately, these tours allow you to achieve both points of view, ensuring you finish your holiday having learnt and experienced a lot more than a typical globetrotter. You can go from gliding along the serene coastline, past hidden bays and unpopulated islets, to venturing deep into the same country’s inland areas, stopping off at small townships steeped in fascinating culture and history. All this can be done in the company of sumptuous facilities and friendly guides who ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Australia & New Zealand Travel Company has 4 new tours to choose from:

  1. The Ghan Train and P & 0 Cruise- 10 days from $2499 per person.
  2. The Great Southern Rail and P & O Cruises- 13 days from $3999 per person.
  3. The Indian Pacific and Holland America Cruise Lines- 26 days from $8999 per person.
  4. Indian Pacific and Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth Ship- 28 days from $9799 per person.

For bookings and inquiries visit, phone 1300 168 910 or email

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