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Travel Industry Club - ThumbnailPremium luxury expedition cruising in various destinations from the Northernmost to the Southernmost part of our earth and, in between, on Swan Hellenic. Swan Hellenic’s 5-star state-of-the-art boutique ships currently sailing are The Vega (launched in 2022, max 150 guests) and Diana (launched in 2023, max 192 guests). These ships are modern, with sophisticated designs and the latest expedition technology.

Expedition cruising offers life-changing and lasting experiences between you and the environment. It is remote, unique, and the epitome of travel excellence. When you return from your excursion, you enjoy real luxury onboard, including an unusual glass flame-effect fireplace in your cabin.

Another feature specific to Swan Hellenic is that ocean-view cabins have two large oval windows as opposed to the usual one window on other cruise lines.

See What Others Don’t

Check out this great video on Antarctica.

Swan Hellenic offers generous rates to TIC members, with up to a 75% discount. This is a fantastic opportunity for TIC members to experience some of our planet’s most beautiful, remote, and untouched areas at amazing rates—the best of both worlds!

Swan Hellenic

Industry Rates

Swan Hellenic – new & updated industry rates

Up to 75% discount

Swan Hellenic's Boutique Expedition Cruises
Savings and prices are per person twin share
Interline and Special rates for TIC

Longyearbyen/Reykjavik 28 Jul 13 nights from $13480, TIC $5200
Mahe/Mombasa16 Oct 10 nights from $16230, TIC $4200
Amsterdam/Lisbon 01 Aug 10 nights from $16289, TIC $3800
Kangerlussuaq/Halifax 25 Sep 15 nights from $23299, TIC $6000
Antarctica -Ushuaia/Ushuaia 08 Jan 9 nights from $22453, TIC $12735
Lisbon/Palermo 10 Aug 10 nights from $17775, TIC $8010
Kangerlussuaq Roundtrip 09 Sep 16 nights from $22280, TIC $6400
In Shackleton’s Footsteps 19 Jan 17 nights from $39550, TIC $23835
Istanbul/Limassol 16 Sep 9 nights from $8480, TIC $3400
Palermo/Athens 28 Aug 9 nights from $14800, TIC $3400
Mahe/Mahe 07 Oct 10 nights from $6580, TIC $3800

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