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This week, we have been reviewing the many amazing industry rates on offer. This Newsletter has mixed cruise line offers to showcase a few of their cruises. This random selection highlights the diversity of destinations and the amazing industry discounts available to you. As you know, new and updated rates are continually being offered. Travel is investing in your life’s experience, and TIC is here to help you achieve that.

Check these out below and then look at their other offers on our website.

TIC Cruise Selections

Industry Rates Snapshot

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Coral Expeditions – Kimberley ‘24
Darwin/Broome or V, V Jun & Jul departures from $12000TIC $7750

Cunard – Queen Elizabeth
Yokohama Roundtrip (cherry blossoms) 29 Mar 18 nights from $5999TIC $3649
San Francisco/Sydney 22 Sep 25 nights from $7755TIC $4559

Swan Hellenic – expedition
Kangerlussuaq Roundtrip 09 Sep 16 nights from $38320TIC $6400
Mahe/Mahe  Return07 Oct 10 nights from $6580TIC $3800
Antarctica- Ushuaia return 13 Feb 9 nights from $22382TIC $11685

Regent Seven Seas
Bali/Sydney 04 Dec 16 nights from $12180TIC $5999
Venice/Lisbon 31 Aug 15 nights from $11910TIC $5710
Cape Town/Dubai 01 Dec 19 nights from $19700TIC $8380

Darwin/Honiara/Sydney 11 Aug 18 nights from $16099TIC $11269
Dubrovnik/Dubrovnik 25 Aug 21 nights from $21299TIC $14699

Los Angeles/Tokyo 03 Oct 25 nights from $14120TIC $6719
Oslo/London 10 Aug 18 nights from $13410, TIC $4257

CapeTown Roundtrip 07 Feb 25 15 nights from $12600TIC $6950
Antarctica – 20 deps from Nov – Mar 10 nights from $15150TIC $10270
Darwin/Fremantle 08 Aug 17 nights from $19950TIC $9990

Cape Town Roundtrip incl Game Reserves 08 Dec 12 nights from TIC $2400
Iceland Intensive Voyage -Reykjavik/Leith 13 nights from $4034TIC $2881

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