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Travel Surge Spurs Security Upgrades Amid Rising Global Risks.As global travel rebounds in 2024, a notable trend has emerged: travellers increasingly prioritise their safety by opting for security advisory and extraction protection services. This shift is highlighted in the Global Rescue Spring 2024 Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey, which reveals that nearly two-thirds (63%) of seasoned travellers would seek security extraction services if the U.S. State Department issues a Level 1 or Level 2 travel advisory for their destination.

Dan Richards, CEO of The Global Rescue Companies and a member of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board at the U.S. Department of Commerce, explains the rising demand for enhanced travel security. “The ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Hamas attacks on Israel, and other global violent incidents have prompted travellers to include security extraction and advisory protection in their travel plans,” Richards states.

The survey data underscores this trend, with 31% of respondents indicating they would secure additional protection when travelling to regions prone to terrorism, civil unrest, or countries adjacent to war zones. Furthermore, 27% of travellers opt for increased security measures for all international travel, regardless of the specific threats.

Global Rescue, the leading medical, security, evacuation, and travel risk management services provider, has reported a double-digit increase in membership sales for medical evacuation and security protection services. This growth is directly correlated with the global surge in travel and the accompanying rise in traveller safety concerns. “As travel booms, we’re seeing an understandable increase in the need for traveller safety measures worldwide,” Richards noted.

In addition to general safety concerns, travellers are avoiding specific destinations due to heightened risks. The survey reveals that nearly 90% of travellers are steering clear of Paris in 2024. The reasons for this avoidance include potential protests, civil unrest, and the anticipated crowds due to the city hosting the Summer Olympic Games. This preference to explore beyond traditional destinations reflects a broader trend of travellers seeking less crowded and more secure locations.

Travel security advisory and extraction protection services are becoming essential for travel planning, particularly as global instability persists. The growing demand for these services indicates a shift in traveller priorities, with safety taking precedence over traditional destination choices.

For instance, Global Rescue’s comprehensive protection packages offer travellers peace of mind by providing real-time security updates, risk assessments, and rapid response extraction services in emergencies. This proactive approach to travel safety is gaining traction as more travellers recognize the importance of being prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, the survey highlights the broader implications of this trend for the travel industry. Travel agencies, tour operators, and insurance companies are increasingly incorporating security advisory and extraction services into their offerings to meet the evolving needs of their clients. This integration ensures that travellers can access the necessary resources to stay safe while exploring the world.

In conclusion, the Global Rescue Spring 2024 Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey reveals a significant shift in traveller behaviour towards enhanced security measures. As global travel recovers, the importance of security advisory and extraction protection services cannot be overstated. Travelers are taking proactive steps to safeguard their journeys, reflecting a broader awareness of global risks and a commitment to personal safety.

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Written by: Jason Smith