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New York City.In a remarkable surge, February 2024 witnessed an impressive rise in international travel to and from the United States, marking a significant recovery in the tourism sector. Data from the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) reveals that the total number of international visitors to the United States reached 4,735,844, reflecting a 14.7% increase compared to February 2023. This surge brings the total visitor volume to 93% of the pre-pandemic levels recorded in February 2019.

A Significant Rise in Overseas Visitors

The overseas visitor volume substantially increased by 25.8% compared to February 2023, totalling 2,253,174 visitors. Despite the general upward trend, Canada was an exception, reporting a 4.4% decrease in visitor volume. However, Canada still led the pack with 1,411,746 visitors, followed by Mexico with 1,070,924 visitors. The United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil contributed significantly, with 262,478, 147,437, and 144,089 visitors. These five countries accounted for 64.1% of the total international arrivals.

Outbound Travel from the US on the Rise

The outbound travel departures by US citizens also saw a notable increase. In February 2024, 7,050,562 US citizens travelled abroad, marking a 14.1% rise compared to February 2023. This figure is 11.3% higher than the total departures recorded in pre-pandemic February 2019.

Top Destinations for US Travelers

North America, encompassing Mexico and Canada, claimed the largest share of US outbound travel at 52.1%, with overseas destinations accounting for 47.9%. Mexico emerged as the top destination, with 3,012,255 departures, representing 42.7% of total departures in February. The Caribbean was the second largest market, with 959,323 departures, making up 13.6% of total outbound travel.

Year-to-Date Travel Trends

Year-to-date data shows that Mexico and the Caribbean remain the most popular destinations for US travellers. They accounted for 57.6% of total US citizen international departures, with Mexico recording 6,212,456 departures and the Caribbean 1,842,822 departures.

Implications and Future Outlook

The robust increase in both inbound and outbound travel indicates a strong recovery and a renewed interest in international tourism. As travel restrictions ease and confidence in global travel grows, these numbers are expected to rise further. The NTTO’s data underscores the resilience and potential for growth in the travel industry, offering a promising outlook for the remainder of 2024.

For further insights and detailed statistics, visit the National Travel and Tourism Office website.




Written by: Yves Thomas