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3PlannyDrive_free_to_usePlanny Drive, the trailblazing travel-tech startup at the forefront of trip-planning innovation, has been selected by Brand USA as the exclusive provider for their state-of-the-art trip-planning solution on VisitTheUSA.com. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone, offering travellers a highly personalized and seamless travel planning experience.

A New Era of Personalized Travel

The United States, renowned for its diverse and abundant tourist attractions, has long been a dream destination for globetrotters. From breathtaking National Parks to vibrant urban landscapes, the country offers unparalleled experiences. With the integration of Planny Drive’s cutting-edge technology on VisitTheUSA.com, travellers worldwide can now effortlessly create custom itineraries in mere seconds.

Planny Drive Enhances VisitTheUSA Trip Planning Experience

Planny Drive Enhances VisitTheUSA Trip Planning Experience.

Comprehensive Travel Guide at Your Fingertips

The new trip planner on VisitTheUSA.com serves as an extensive guide to the United States, allowing global travellers to explore every state, city, and territory. This revolutionary tool provides tailored recommendations for activities, ensuring every visitor can uncover the hidden gems and iconic landmarks nationwide. Available in eight languages, the trip planner breaks down language barriers and enhances accessibility for international tourists.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Travel Experiences

Planny Drive’s trip planning solution harnesses a vast database of over 1 million USA destinations and activities. This extensive repository empowers users to craft daily itineraries tailored to their preferences. The intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures travellers remain fully engaged, making the trip-planning process enjoyable and efficient.

Advanced Travel Solutions

Beyond its partnership with VisitTheUSA.com, Planny Drive offers a comprehensive suite of travel solutions. These include white-label trip planner websites and AI chatbots integrated with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. These tools assist destinations in guiding travellers from the initial inspiration phase through detailed trip planning and during their journeys.

Planny Drive Partners with VisitTheUSA for Trip Planning

Planny Drive Partners with VisitTheUSA for Trip Planning.

Seamless Integration for Destinations

Planny Drive’s technology can be seamlessly incorporated into any destination website, adding a layer of user-friendly functionality with minimal effort. This feature ensures travellers receive consistent and high-quality planning support across various platforms, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Excitement and Honour

“We are incredibly honored and excited to have been selected as the exclusive supplier for the United States’ trip planning solution through Brand USA,” stated Jacov Mazor, Co-Founder and CEO of Planny Drive. “The United States stands as a dream destination for travelers worldwide, and we are thrilled to help millions of global travelers plan their dream trips to the USA.”

Mark Lapidus, Vice President of Product & Technology, echoed this sentiment: “Planny Drive is enabling visitors from all over the planet to uncover the USA’s hidden gems, amazing outdoor experiences, and plan activities in all our cities, big to small. We’re excited to launch the trip planner in eight languages.”

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Written by: Anne Keam