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HOTELEX Shanghai 2024 - Global Hospitality and Foodservice Expo SuccessAmidst the bustling cityscape of Shanghai, the 32nd Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Foodservice Expo, famously known as HOTELEX Shanghai 2024, culminated on March 30th, marking a monumental triumph in the history of global hospitality events. With over three decades of expertise in hosting exhibitions, HOTELEX has once again demonstrated its pivotal role in moulding the future contours of the hotel and catering industry.

The recent edition, part of the larger Tourism Plus Shanghai 2024, welcomed an unprecedented influx of over 420,000 industry professionals, including 15,761 international visitors—an 80% increase compared to the previous year. This surge underscores HOTELEX’s expansive influence and capability to attract a global audience, highlighting a keen worldwide interest in exploring the thriving hotel and food service sectors.

Spanning a vast area of 400,000 square meters across 14 exhibition halls, the event hosted more than 3,000 leading brands and companies. The first day alone saw a record-breaking attendance of over 100,000 visitors, setting a new benchmark for future expos. The dynamic atmosphere was palpable, as the expo showcased the latest innovations and served as a vibrant hub for business exchanges and networking.

HOTELEX Shanghai 2024 has established itself as a cornerstone event that reflects current trends and sets the stage for future innovations in the hospitality industry. It offered a comprehensive platform covering the entire hospitality and catering chain, from hotel catering to F&B and from coffee and baking to bars. It became a crucial one-stop hub for international consultation and product showcasing.

This year’s expo went beyond traditional B2B interactions by incorporating consumer-oriented activities such as the Shanghai Coffee and Food Festival. These events drew significant public engagement, enhancing the collective appreciation of gourmet culture and influencing consumer preferences in subtle yet impactful ways.

Additionally, the expo showcased talent and creativity, hosting 11 professional competitions ranging from coffee mastery to cocktail mixing. These contests provided a spectacle of skill and innovation, offering attendees a business opportunity and a culturally enriching experience.

As HOTELEX Shanghai 2024 concludes, the industry looks eagerly towards HOTELEX Shanghai 2025. Scheduled from March 30th to April 2nd at the NECC (Shanghai), the next edition promises to continue the legacy of innovation and global community building in the hospitality sector.

Let us advance together towards a bright future, propelled by the successes of HOTELEX, as we continue to shape the landscape of the global catering and hospitality industry.




Written by: My Thanh Pham