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Solo Travelling the Maldives’ South Ari Atoll

Solo Travelling the Maldives’ South Ari Atoll

In an era where the allure of solo travel is embraced by more adventurers than ever, Nova Maldives is thrilled to announce its Solo Traveller Month this July. This exclusive initiative caters to the growing trend of individuals seeking to explore the world on their terms, driven by a quest for personal growth, mindfulness, and genuine connections.

Throughout the month of July, guests can immerse themselves in an abundant array of engaging experiences designed to enrich their solo journey at Nova. The program is meticulously crafted, offering everything from art classes that spark creativity, to meditation and yoga sessions that bring balance to body, mind and soul, guests can dive deep into the crystal-clear waters with snorkelling and diving sessions, or explore the flavours of the island with Maldivian cooking classes, or delve into the heart of Maldivian culture with authentic experiences that connect them to the soul of the islands. Nova guests can engage their curiosity and love for nature in Nova’s flora and fauna workshops, designed to enlighten and inspire.

For those seeking active pursuits, join in on beachside football and volleyball games, fostering camaraderie and fun in the sun. Nova’s 24/7 state-of-the-art fitness centre and an array of group classes cater to all levels of fitness enthusiasts, ensuring that your wellness journey continues uninterrupted. Sunset fishing expeditions and leisurely boat cruises allow solo travellers to connect with the ocean’s rhythmic beauty, fostering a profound sense of connection with nature. And that’s just the beginning. Nova promises a July filled with discovery, connection, and unforgettable moments, inviting solo travellers to dive into a world of adventure, culture, and wellness.

Nova, nestled in the heart of Maldives’ South Ari Atoll, stands as a beacon for those pursuing a blend of adventure, creative expression, and moments of serene introspection. The Solo Traveller Month at Nova is more than just a vacation; it’s a pivotal journey set in a paradise where the majestic whale sharks glide through their natural habitat year-round—a spectacle exclusive to the region that symbolises the enchanting mystery of the Maldives. The island’s invitation extends to a realm where exhilarating watersports, such as jet skiing and paddleboarding, meet the tranquillity of sun-kissed beaches and azure waters, offering a balanced narrative of excitement and peace.

In a world where the search for mindfulness and community is paramount, Nova harnesses the transformative power of creativity to unite solo travellers. Esteemed local artists lead immersive sessions, from traditional painting to contemporary creative expressions, encouraging guests to explore their inner artists and capture the essence of the Maldives’ vibrant culture. These creative endeavours serve not only as a means of self-expression but as a bridge connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a unique community spirit among solo adventurers. The holistic journey continues at Nova’s Eskape Spa, where relaxation and rejuvenation are not just promises but a profound experience. Tailored spa treatments, yoga and meditation sessions against the luscious backdrop of the lagoon epitomise Nova’s dedication to well-being, offering a sanctuary where the mind, body, and soul can flourish in harmony.

Culinary excellence is a cornerstone of the Nova experience, with dining options ranging from fresh and sustainably caught seafood BBQs to sunset beach dinners and authentic Maldivian cuisine, ensuring a sensory journey that complements the spiritual and adventurous endeavours of our guests. Nova’s dining spaces are crafted to foster connections and create memorable moments. Soul Kitchen welcomes solo travellers to its community tables, providing a warm, inviting space to bond over meals. Mizu offers a delectable Japanese Teppanyaki experience, perfect for enjoying exquisite cuisine while forming new friendships. At Flames, Nova’s Grill House, guests are invited to savour succulent premium meats, seafood, and fresh seasonal produce, all masterfully grilled to perfection.

Across all of Nova’s dining venues, an extensive selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes awaits, along with a superb assortment of cocktails, catering to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic preferences. Nova’s two bars, Wink and Solis, are vibrant hubs of entertainment, offering a selection of lovely cocktails to toast to the day’s adventures. Whether you’re watching the breathtaking sunsets or dancing under the starlit sky, these spaces offer the perfect backdrop for making lasting connections.

Nova’s Solo Traveller Month is a celebration of independence, inviting guests to embrace the freedom to forge their own path, immerse themselves in unparalleled experiences, and create enduring memories alongside fellow explorers. At Nova, the journey of solo travel transcends the physical, venturing into realms of personal growth, artistic exploration, and the creation of a vibrant, like-minded community. Join the Nova community this July for an unforgettable exploration of self, creativity, and connection.