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Marriott InternationalIn the pulsating heart of Bangkok, where tradition meets cosmopolitan vibrancy, a new chapter in hospitality emerges with the opening of Moxy Bangkok Ratchaprasong. This launch marks a bold foray into the Thai market for Moxy Hotels, a brand celebrated for its youthful zest and innovative spirit, under the expansive Marriott Bonvoy portfolio.

Nestled in the dynamic Ratchaprasong district, known for its bustling commercial and retail heartbeat, Moxy Bangkok Ratchaprasong introduces an unparalleled blend of social liveliness and playful hospitality to Thailand’s capital. With 504 rooms, it is the largest Moxy establishment in the Asia Pacific, a testament to the brand’s ambition and the city’s magnetic allure.

Matthew Boettcher, Vice President of Distinctive Select Brand Portfolio at Marriott International, shares his excitement: “The debut of Moxy Bangkok Ratchaprasong is a milestone, intertwining Moxy’s fun-loving hospitality with Bangkok’s renowned vibrancy. Our brand thrives on creating experiences reflective of the city’s spirit, and Bangkok’s lively essence is a perfect match for our inaugural venture into Thailand.”

The hotel is a beacon of contemporary design, casting a distinctive pink glow that enlivens Bangkok’s skyline. Upon arrival, guests are immersed in a world where traditional Thai mythology meets urban chic. The 9th-floor welcome area, adorned with colours reminiscent of the legendary Scala Cinema and graffiti of mythological ‘yak’ figures, sets the tone for an experience that is both culturally rooted and forward-looking.

Moxy Bangkok Ratchaprasong is more than just a place to stay; it’s a hub of creativity and connection. The Library & Plug-In area offers a relaxed environment for guests to work, mingle, or engage in a friendly game of pool. It epitomizes the Moxy philosophy: spaces designed to inspire, where stories unfold, and ideas take flight.

The hotel’s guest rooms are a marvel of efficiency and style, blending edgy details with practicality. Innovative touches, such as elephant head coat pegs and modular furniture, underscore a commitment to a guest experience that is both unique and flexible. Tech-forward features like motion-activated LED lights and keyless entry cater to the modern traveller’s desire for convenience and connectivity.

Culinary adventures await at the Moxy Grab + Go, Moxy Bar & Restaurant, and the soon-to-open rooftop bar, each offering a fusion of local and international flavours against Bangkok’s sprawling cityscape backdrop. For those seeking to blend work with pleasure, a naturally lit meeting room and a state-of-the-art gym with views of the city skyline ensure every need is met with style and energy.

Porntita Bheungnoi, Captain at Moxy Bangkok Ratchaprasong, extends a warm invitation: “We are thrilled to open our doors to the world. With our unique blend of spirited service and vibrant hospitality, we’re poised to become Bangkok’s new playground for the free-thinking traveler.”

Moxy Bangkok Ratchaprasong is not just a hotel; it’s a statement. A declaration that in the heart of one of the world’s most exhilarating cities, the rules of traditional hospitality can be rewritten with boldness and a smile. For more information and to embark on a journey of discovery, visit www.moxybangkokratchaprasong.com.




Written by: Octavia Koo