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Located in the heart of the Northern Beaches, the Bayfield Hotel Group stands as a testament to the vision and determination of brothers Wayne and Mark Bayfield, in collaboration with their revered late father, Neville. This extraordinary venture traces its roots back to the iconic Dee Why Hotel, where the Bayfield legacy began. However, their journey transcended the boundaries of conventional hospitality as they ventured online with the introduction of the Bayfield’s Superstores websites, recognising the evolving need for convenient access to a plethora of beloved liquor brands online and home delivery!

As we continue this accolade to the Bayfield Hotel Group, it is important to acknowledge the hard work of its patrons and staff, who have been the bedrock of the Bayfield family’s success and express gratitude for their service and hard work.  The unwavering support and loyalty of the Bayfields team has not only founded the growth of the Bayfield Hotel Group, but have also fueled a tradition of providing five-star service and an incomparable selection of beer, wine and liquor.

Best Liquor Shop on the Northern Beaches

For those eager to dive into celebration with a phenomenal champagne or sparkling wine, Bayfields has curated a comprehensive selection of phenomenal wines for the festive season. The full range, available on their website, serves as a treasure trove for enthusiasts looking to lift their holiday celebrations with the finest bottles of wine from all across Australia.

Bayfields takes pride in presenting an extensive range of not just champagnes but also wines, spirits, beers and more. With two strategically located establishments in Dee Why and Belrose, the aim is clear – to ensure that every celebration is adorned with choices that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. The carefully curated selection goes beyond being a mere assortment of premium labels; it’s a testament to the commitment Bayfields has towards providing a holistic experience to their customers.

Unparalleled Customer Service

What sets Bayfields apart is not just the array of premium labels adorning their shelves but the warmth of their service that echoes through the aisles. The allure of weekly specials adds an extra layer of value for patrons, providing an opportunity to discover new favourites or indulge in beloved classics. The convenience of finding these favourites effortlessly is a testament to Bayfields’ commitment to ensuring that the shopping experience is not just transactional but an enjoyable journey.

For local patrons, Bayfields is not just a liquor store; it’s a haven of possibilities. The comprehensive selection, enticing deals, ample parking and the welcoming assistance that accompanies each visit have made Bayfields an integral part of the community. Beyond the shelves stacked with an impressive array of beer, wine and liquor, Bayfields extends their commitment to crafting a seamless shopping experience. Their dedication is evident in the assistance that doesn’t end at the checkout counter but extends even to your car, ensuring that every customer leaves not just with a purchase but with a smile and the promise of a memorable experience.

Celebrating Excellence

As the Bayfield Hotel Group continues to evolve and thrive, the essence of family, tradition and community remains at its core. The journey from the iconic Dee Why Hotel to the Bayfield’s Superstore’s digital channel is a testament to the adaptability, resilience and innovation of the Bayfield family. The celebration of their success is also a celebration of the Northern Beaches community that has embraced and supported them throughout this remarkable journey. Here’s to the Bayfield legacy: a legacy that blends the charm of tradition with the ideation of the modern age, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary, setting a benchmark for excellence in the world of hospitality.