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Tourism North East's new campaign celebrates the hidden secrets of the High CountryVictoria’s High Country is about to spill the beans on its best-kept secrets with the launch of the High Country Secret Pact to entice aspiring adventurers to discover the wonders of the Victorian High Country that only the locals have whispered about…until now.

Victoria’s High Country boasts a rich blend of rugged mountains, lush valleys, and pristine rivers. While most Aussies know the popular spots that feature regularly on their Instagram feeds, the region offers much more to explore.

Nobody knows all the best unknown spots of the region like the High Country locals, and they’re willing to share them on the condition that visitors keep them under wraps. Introducing You Didn’t Hear It From Me, a new campaign that invites visitors to ‘sign’ the secret pact online and unlock the best of what the High Country has to offer, while helping preserve the secrets of the region.

By signing the High Country Secret Pact on the High Country website (https://www.victoriashighcountry.com.au/secrets) visitors will uncover unique adventures filled with exclusive insights, responsible exploration, and an unmatched connection with local providers.  Visitors can enjoy the sandy shores of Lake Sambell in Beechworth, which has ideal conditions for paddleboarding, or the chocolate coated pumpkin seeds from Pepo Farms in Ovens.

Bess Nolan-Cook, CEO of Tourism North East says “We know the High Country locals enjoy connecting with new people and showcasing the beauty of the region. However, they’re concerned their favourite spots will be overrun with tourists who are just there for the ‘gram.

“The High Country Secret Pact presents us with a unique opportunity to shine a light on the areas and experiences that are unknown to tourists, while encouraging these special places and experiences to be preserved for future travellers and locals.”

To showcase the region’s best kept secrets for those who sign the High Country Secret Pact, Tourism North East scoured the High Country for locals to share their favourite hidden gems…even if slightly reluctantly. Drawing inspiration from local insights, Tourism North East created their inaugural short film that unveils hidden wonders, inviting potential travellers to visit the region.

The You Didn’t Hear It From Me short film offers viewers a tantalising glimpse into its hidden wonders while emphasising the unique opportunity offered to those who wish to explore the road less travelled.

“We chose to craft the short film You Didn’t Hear It From Me because some things, especially the breathtaking allure of the Victorian High Country, defy description – they demand to be seen, felt, and experienced”, says Bess Nolan-Cook.

“Our short film is a sneak peek into the incredible sights and experiences of the region. It’s an open invitation for you to discover the amazing things we have on offer, because the best things are the ones you need to see with your own eyes!”From 1 December, You Didn’t Hear It From Me will feature on the big screen at Moonlight Cinema in Sydney and Melbourne across the 2023/24 Season.

To delve deep and uncover all the region has to offer, sign Victoria’s High Country Secret Pact and preserve the mystery by visiting https://www.victoriashighcountry.com.au/secrets.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos

“Our beautiful High Country is a must-see tourist destination in Victoria, and we want to bring more visitors to the region which gives a boost to the local economy.”

“This campaign will help bring more visitors to venture off the beaten track and explore the hidden gems of the High Country region.’’

Quote attributable to Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes

“What a wonderful initiative – You Didn’t Hear It From Me not only showcases our hidden gems but also emphasises the importance of sustaining our local identity whilst welcoming tourists from far and wide.”


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