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OroVetro Murano, the world-renowned Venetian glass-makers, has today announced the launch of Good Vibes Murano, an exclusive event space on the second largest island in the Venetian Lagoon.  Today, moving beyond the molten glass, an ancient art form born on the island centuries ago, guests will be taken on an immersive journey not only to discover the story of how glass is shaped through the transformative power of fire reaching 1200 degrees, but also to enjoy the space as an art residence, nightlife spot and a future hospitality project.

Together, these layers of Good Vibes Murano will provide a fascinating journey for guests, encapsulating the art form so fiercely protected by the Doges of Venice for lifetimes.

Through extraordinary multi-sensory experiences, guests will also be treated to delicious food and wine and cocktail pairings from Venice’s top mixologists with show-cooking from world-class chefs, as well as a special live performance by the master of pianists, Alberto Bof.

Every single event – individually designed, and inspired by the seasons and moments of historical and cultural reference – will offer new stimuli, promising a night of uncompromising craftsmanship and fantastic live entertainment, particularly as the only venue in Murano permitted to stay open until 2am.

The objective of the Good Vibes Murano project is to spread the lifestyle of the island of Murano, and the traditions of its art and master glassmakers, through incredible events that immerse guests in live experiences that are truly one of a kind. The events will bring to life the magic of glass-making, by showcasing a centuries-old craft for the modern age.

The Good Vibes hospitality and event projects have been designed and created around the heart of the furnace and the age-old tradition of glass-making. At given times, the events will be hosted in all areas at the property, which will be transformed into a sequence of exhibition spaces where everything in sight will be for sale.

A restaurant will accommodate around 1400 guests, in a setting which pioneers the coming together of modern industrial interior design, Murano lifestyle and its signature glass art pieces. In addition, there will be 9 rooms created to accommodate guests into the heart of the concept, to absorb the culture, the characters and the stories of a quite distinctive location.

A location that can be customised according to individual tastes and needs, Good Vibes Murano is both a unique event space and an alchemical laboratory of mysterious knowledge and artistic preservation. The “Four Seasons” Showrooms, above the OroVetro atelier on Murano, are a stylish itinerary through their glass art over the years, featuring both historical pieces with original workbook sketches and new directional design items.

Ever since 1291, when the Doge of Venice moved all the Venetian furnaces to Murano to safeguard Venice from the danger of the open fires, the island has become renowned for its glass artistry, long valued by rulers and nobles the world over. For more than a millennium, the true value of the island of Murano can be found in the knowledge, the “state secrets,” the skill and the sensitivity of its glass-makers, all of whom innately understand the fragility of their materials and the heat of the furnace fire, born as a result of traditions handed down for centuries.

OroVetro Murano itself was established in 1998 by Venetian entrepreneurs Manuel Tarlà and Davide Vianello. The duo set up the brand with a vision to select and produce exclusive objets d’art, all made using the traditional techniques of Murano glass-making, and its furnace has been used in the production of artistic glass since 1400. The very best of the Murano masters have all worked here, honing their craft working with a furnace that, at its hottest, burns with an intensity of 1200 degrees Celsius. The purity of their work and the harmony of the details in each piece all translate into extremely high-quality artefacts that OroVetro Murano continues to produce to this day, respecting the glass-making traditions of old. The company offers individual products and collections composed of new design chandeliers, tableware, interiors accessories and sculptures that are suspended between their timeless allure and a new contemporary elegance.

To organise a truly unforgettable event, OroVetro Murano’s dedicated staff are on-hand to offer advice and arrange visits to the furnace, be it for a large-scale fully-immersive event with live entertainment, or a fine dining experience by the furnace.

The first event open to the public at Good Vibes Murano will take place on 23rd March 2024. Full details of packages, including price, are available upon request.