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Pattaya City logoThailand’s Visionary Leap: TCEB’s Strategic Moves Elevate MICE Markets to New Heights.

Thailand’s rise as an unparalleled MICE destination is receiving a significant boost, thanks to the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). The bureau’s primary ambition is to portray Thailand not just as a destination but as a rich blend of exceptional value backed by future-proof opportunities and a profound authenticity catering to the evolving tastes of MICE travellers.

Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya

Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya

Recent data from the groundbreaking “MICE Foresight” study underscores this perspective. The study demonstrates that future-centric opportunities, coupled with genuine experiences, rank high among the selection criteria for MICE stakeholders.

TCEB’s President, Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, shared his insights on the bureau’s dedication to Thailand’s MICE sector. “Our focus remains unflinching – to paint Thailand as an unparalleled high-value destination. Our roadmap, enriched by market intelligence, embeds the future triumphs of our clientele, ensuring they witness exponential growth on personal, professional, and business fronts,” he stated. “For our MICE travelers, we’re unwavering in our commitment to developing a diversified activity spectrum that is as engaging as it is impactful.”

TCEB’s transformative vision draws its essence from years of expertise in promoting MICE Cities and synergizing with the Office of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) – the primary force behind Thailand’s strategic industrial momentum.

Several projects exemplify TCEB’s alignment towards future-centric opportunities and unparalleled experiences:

  1. Pattaya – The Business Beacon of EEC Collaborating closely with the EEC Office, TCEB played a pivotal role in the EEC Cluster Fair 2023, co-hosted with the prominent MIRA/Subcon 2023 event in Pattaya. With a keen eye on promoting investments in the burgeoning robotics and automation sector, TCEB has also unveiled its ambitious plan for the EEC Expo 2025. This Pattaya-centric event will bring to the limelight the 12 pivotal industries that form the EEC’s backbone. Furthermore, a unique “City Package” for MICE, in alliance with Pattaya City, was unveiled during IT&CMA 2023.
  2. Phuket’s Culinary Wonders Building on Phuket’s esteemed title as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, TCEB is weaving a unique culinary narrative titled “Food for Faith”. As part of TCEB’s Festival Economy initiative, this venture combines the island’s iconic Vegetarian Festival with the culinary genius of Phuket’s renowned chefs. With a rich blend of inventive dishes and wellness wisdom rooted in the island’s traditions, “Food for Faith” aims to reimagine Phuket as the ultimate MICE destination.
  3. Chiang Mai’s Coffee Chronicles Celebrating Chiang Mai’s accolade as the “World Festival and Event City” by IFEA in 2022, TCEB is pioneering a unique coffee-and-tea trail in alliance with Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. This immersive journey will traverse the region’s picturesque coffee and tea estates, offering an in-depth understanding of Thailand’s premium brews. Particular emphasis will be on two quintessential Thai brands that have earned the prestigious Geographic Indication (GI) status in Japan. The narrative will also touch upon the inspiring transformation of North’s hill tribes, from opium cultivators under the Royal Project to triumphant coffee moguls.

With such well-calibrated initiatives, Thailand, under TCEB’s guidance, is poised to redefine the global MICE landscape, seamlessly blending future-forward opportunities with authentic, localized experiences. The road ahead, it seems, is paved with promise and unparalleled potential.




Written by: Christine Nguyen