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MMGY GLOBAL LOGOA groundbreaking report from MMGY Travel Intelligence sheds light on the burgeoning desires and trends of the affluent Asian international traveller.

MMGY’s inaugural “Portrait of Asian International Travelers™” report for 2023 uncovers the subtle intricacies and broad aspirations that underpin the decisions of this increasingly influential demographic.

On average, these globe-trotters plan to embark on 2.3 international voyages in the upcoming two years, with an expected expenditure averaging a substantial $3,223 for each trip.

Highlighting the essential role of the Asian travel segment in revitalizing global tourism, MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe’s Managing Director, Cees Bosselaar, remarked, “This segment’s robust health and recovery are the keystones for global tourism. The world’s stakeholders are keenly observing this demographic’s travel intent.” He further emphasized the timely significance of the study as it provides a richer understanding of the Asian traveller’s psyche amidst fierce market competition.

Key insights from the report include:

  • Personalized Destinations: The choice of travel destinations resonates deeply with these travellers, mirroring their personalities and catering to their family’s needs and interests. A staggering 78% expressed this sentiment. Destinations like Europe, the South Pacific, the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia are topping their list.
  • Safety & Affordability Overarch: Most travellers’ concerns regarding personal security (79%) take precedence. They’re closely trailed by considerations related to airfare and accommodation costs (72%) and the possibility of travel disruptions like flight cancellations (71%).
  • The Allure of Experience: A vast majority, 77% to be precise, exhibit a pronounced inclination towards unique and novel experiences during their voyages. They prioritize these experiential adventures over tangible purchases, marking a shift in luxury travel dynamics.
  • Spend for Luxury: Reinforcing the luxury travel trend, nearly 69% are prepared to shell out more for an opulent travel experience. This luxury sentiment finds notable traction, especially among travellers from India (79%) and China (76%).
  • Group Tours Gain Momentum: There’s an emerging trend towards multiday organized group tours. Over the past three years, 42% engaged in such tours, while 56% showcased an inclination to opt for them in the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, the report delves into social media’s role in travel decisions, interregional travel patterns, sustainability, and more. This comprehensive study has been made possible with contributions from notable sponsors such as Tripadvisor, Visit California, and the State of Hawai‘i Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.

For those in the industry aiming to harness the power of these insights or simply the curious minds eager for a deeper dive, a detailed version of the findings is available for purchase at mmgyintel.com.

In an era where travel decisions constantly evolve, understanding the pulse of the most influential market segments is paramount. With its latest report, MMGY Global underscores its commitment to equipping businesses with the information they need to thrive in the dynamic travel landscape.




Written by: Anne Keam