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Lanson Place Parliament Gardens, Melbourne - Main EntranceIn a riveting development, Lanson Place Hospitality Management Limited, a trailblazer in the elite luxury hotels and residences realm, has proudly pulled the curtain back on their audacious expansion blueprints and a series of forthcoming projects. These strategic moves aim to cement its stature as an avant-garde, luxury hospitality mogul.

Lanson Place Manila - 1BR_Residences

Lanson Place Manila – 1BR_Residences

The grand rejuvenation of the iconic property in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, is at the heart of their strategy. Slated for a grand reopening in December 2023, the reimagined Lanson Place Causeway Bay has been attentively crafted under the masterful eyes of the globally acclaimed interior maestro Pierre-Yves Rochon. This magnum opus aims to be a dazzling display of Lanson Place’s essence, marrying contemporary chic with a dash of French elegance.



Michael Hobson, the driving force as the Chief Executive Officer of Lanson Place, passionately expressed, “We aspire to metamorphose Lanson Place Causeway Bay into the zenith of opulence and modern living. It’s our unwavering pledge to excellence and to transcend guest experiences. We’re setting the gold standard, heralding the path for future Lanson Place landmarks.”

Lanson Place Parliament Gardens, Melbourne 502 Albert Street

Lanson Place Parliament Gardens, Melbourne 502 Albert Street.

This year marks Lanson Place’s thrilling debut in Manila with the grand reveal of the Lanson Place Mall of Asia. Nestled in Pasay City’s vibrant core, this sanctuary is poised to revolutionize metropolitan getaways, harmonizing Manila’s pulsating spirit with the soothing embrace of home. With 247 hotel chambers and 142 serviced abodes, and a strategic location within the Mall of Asia complex—mere moments from the SMX Convention Center and a short 15-minute drive from Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport—it promises an unparalleled experience for both the discerning business voyager and the luxury seeker.

Elaborating on this leap into Manila, Michael Hobson enthused, “This venture into Manila is a landmark moment for us. The city’s dynamic pulse presents a world of potential. We’re setting our sights on making Lanson Place Mall of Asia the beacon for those craving a luxurious, modern sojourn.”

2024 will see Lanson Place unfurling its hospitality canvas further by gracing Melbourne with the opulent Lanson Place Parliament Gardens. Positioned in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, with a panoramic view of the Parliament Gardens, this property will house 137 ultra-modern luxurious suites, from plush hotel rooms to one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Hobson commented on this Australian debut: “Lanson Place Melbourne, with its splendid architecture, cutting-edge amenities, and enviable location, is on course to be the pinnacle of luxury and convenience for global travellers.”

As Lanson Place marches forward, its vision remains unwavering—to be the epitome of unparalleled hospitality, offering avant-garde amenities while nurturing a communal bond. Indeed, as the brand grows, it aims to satiate the evolving tastes of luxury aficionados across the Asia-Pacific.

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Written by: Anne Keam