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Premium luxury expedition cruising in various destinations from the Northernmost to the Southernmost part of our earth and between, on Swan Hellenic. Swan Hellenic’s 5-star state-of-the-art boutique ships currently sailing are the Vega (launched 2022, maximum 150 guests) and Diana (launched 2023, maximum of 192 guests). These ships are modern, with sophisticated design and the latest expedition technology. When you engage in expedition cruising, you will encounter life-changing and lasting experiences between you and the environment. It is remote, unique and the epitome of travel excellence. When you return from your expedition on Swan Hellenic, you enjoy real luxury onboard, including an unusual touch of gas flame-effect fireplaces in cabins – see for yourself in the video below.


Swan Hellenic offers generous rates to the TIC members with up to 75% discount. It’s a fantastic opportunity for TIC members to experience some of our planet’s most beautiful remote and untouched areas and the habitable wildlife. Swan Hellenic’s offers to TIC are super special. Our rates open 90 days before sailing and discount from 55% to 75% 30 days before departure. In addition, there are some specials you can book now.

TIC has just updated our Swan Hellenic industry rates through mid-2024, with more to be uploaded for the remainder of 2024. The immediate Antarctica season offers 18 sailings from November 23 to March 24, from 10 to 21 nights. All offers are on our website, and industry rates include 1-night pre-cruise luxury accommodation and return flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. I mention three unusual special cruises: The Southern Navigation from Cape Town to Ushuaia on 21 November 23 (65% discount and book Now) and returning Ushuaia to Cape Town on March 24, and the Cuba Discovery from Cartagena/Nassau covering Cuba indepth.

Swan Hellenic- Antarctica

Swan Hellenic – New & updated Industry rates.

Up to 75% discount.

Savings and prices are per person twin share.

Expeditions include pre-cruise hotel flights to/from Buenos Aires.

Cape Town/Ushuaia 21 Nov 23 20 nights Book Now from $31642 TIC $11075
Buy Now! Includes one-night pre-cruise hotel & flight Ushuaia/Buenos Aires
Antarctica – 18 sailings Nov – Mar
– Novembers sailings from $24198, TIC $6050
– December sailings from $24198, TIC $6050
– January sailings from $28770, TIC $10509
Ushuaia/CapeTown 04 Mar 21 nights from $42027, TIC $10509
Mombasa/Maputo 04 Nov Book Now from $16417, TIC $5749
Iceland in Depth Reykjavik return 16 Jun from $19729, TIC $4935
Maputo/Cape Town 14 Nov Book Now from $12285, TIC $4300
Unspoilt Wilds of West Africa 04 Apr  13 nights from $35600, TIC $8900
Arctic Islands hopping 24 Jun 13 nights from $36279, TIC $9070
Portsmouth/Dublin 24 May 11 nights from $16199, TIC $4050
Ushuaia/Santiago 25 Feb 13 nights from $20774, TIC $5195
Puntarenas/Cartagena 20 Apr 1 nights from $13201, TIC $3800
Cuba Discovery Cartagena/Nassau 30 Apr from $13201, TIC $3800

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