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Oman Air Dreamliner-787In a dynamic move towards future readiness, His Excellency Eng. Saeed Al Mawali, the esteemed Chairman of Oman Air and the Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology, has unwrapped an expansive blueprint for a groundbreaking transformation of the national airline. The monumental plan, outlined in a recent press conference, promises to reshape Oman Air over three to four years, setting it on a financial and operational success trajectory.

The Roadmap to Revival

H.E. Eng. Saeed Al Mawali, Oman Air Chairman, Holds Press Conference to Announce Major Transformation Plan

H.E. Eng. Saeed Al Mawali, Oman Air Chairman, Holds Press Conference to Announce Major Transformation Plan.

Spearheading this mammoth initiative, the endgame is to arrest the continual losses and mounting debt that has plagued the airline. The strategy is constructed on four foundational pillars expected to fortify its core operations. These pillars are:

  1. Financial Sustainability: The reinvigoration of the airline’s fiscal health is paramount. Oman Air aims to streamline its revenue models, optimize costs, and fortify its economic backbone to withstand future industry turbulence.
  2. Corporate Governance: To ensure transparent and effective decision-making, specialized committees are set to be instituted. These groups will refocus the governance of human, financial, and commercial resources. These will be linked directly to the Board of Directors, ensuring a top-down approach to quality and accountability.
  3. Commercial Aspects: With the retail landscape of aviation constantly shifting, Oman Air plans to recalibrate its operations. This includes a meticulous evaluation of the airline’s existing network. International experts will guide decisions on the potential discontinuation or expansion of routes, ensuring the airline’s offerings align with market demand.
  4. Human Capital: The airline recognizes that its success rests on the shoulders of its dedicated workforce. Consequently, a rejuvenation of human resources is on the cards, with significant changes planned for the Board of Directors and Executive Management. The aim? To infuse the teams with local and international experts who bring fresh perspectives and strategies.

Behind the Strategy

The vision for this revamp crafted, in part, based on insights from international management consulting giant Oliver Wyman. After an exhaustive analysis of Oman Air’s current standing in the market, the firm provided actionable strategies to bolster its commercial viability.

In addition, the integration of Salam Air into Oman Air’s broader vision showcases the airline’s ambition to unify aviation strength and offer passengers an enhanced experience.

A Positive Flight Path Ahead

His Excellency Eng. Saeed Al Mawali, echoing optimism, emphasized that these imminent changes are engineered to uplift Oman Air’s service quality and reliability. Gratitude was also extended to the airline’s resilient workforce for their unwavering commitment and diligence during past challenges.

In sum, as the skies continue evolving, so does Oman Air. With a clear strategy and visionary leadership, the airline is poised to redefine its presence in global aviation, promising passengers and stakeholders a journey of excellence and innovation.




Written by: Octavia Koo