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Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, long admired as a jewel in the Middle East’s cultural and tourism crown, has once again proven its mettle as a must-visit global destination. The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) just unveiled its eagerly-awaited Annual Report for 2022, spotlighting impressive achievements highlighting the Emirate’s unwavering commitment to its strategic growth and global appeal.

This recent announcement by DCT Abu Dhabi showcases the tremendous strides made over the past year. Abu Dhabi’s dedication to fostering its culture, tourism, and hospitality is crystal clear.

Here’s a look at the standout successes from 2022:

1. Visitor Milestones: The Emirate warmly welcomed 18 million visitors, cementing its position as a tourist hotspot.

2. Cultural Legacy: A remarkable 3 million enthusiasts thronged Abu Dhabi’s famed cultural landmarks. And the satisfaction? A near-perfect 99% – a testament to the city’s world-class offerings.

3. Hotel Triumphs: Hotels across Abu Dhabi experienced over 70% capacity, a sign of its thriving hospitality sector.

4. Overnight Visitors: Marking a robust 24% leap compared to the previous year, overnight visitors touched an impressive figure of 4.1 million.

5. MICE Events: The Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau (ADCEB) made a massive splash by hosting over 1,200 MICE events, attracting 603,000 visitors.

6. Youth Engagement: The future generation was not left behind. A whopping 246,000 student visitors were engrossed across all cultural sites.

7. Global Awareness: The strategic marketing initiatives bore fruit, with a 78% destination awareness clocked across 12 pivotal global markets.

8. Artistic Heights: The Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2022 was a resounding success, featuring a record 80 galleries hailing from 28 countries.

9. Literary Pursuits: The Abu Dhabi, Arabic Language Centre, witnessed a footfall of 260,000 literature enthusiasts across key events like the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the Al Ain Book Festival, and the Al Dhafra Book Festival.

The figures narrate an extraordinary story of perseverance, dedication, and strategic execution. It is evident that Abu Dhabi is not just a destination; it’s an experience, seamlessly blending centuries-old traditions with avant-garde innovations.

Beyond the numbers, what truly resonates is the Emirate’s mission – to promote, protect, and progress. This isn’t just about tourists or statistics; it’s about building a legacy, a living tapestry of culture, history, and future possibilities.

As the world continues to navigate the challenges of the 21st century, destinations like Abu Dhabi are setting the gold standard. Whether it’s their investment in sustainable tourism, the focus on holistic cultural immersion, or their relentless pursuit of excellence, Abu Dhabi is undeniably on a trajectory that other global destinations might well envy.

In wrapping up, it’s apt to reflect on a sentiment that echoes throughout the 2022 Annual Report: Abu Dhabi isn’t just witnessing growth; it’s evolving, shaping, and redefining the paradigms of cultural and touristic excellence.

These achievements might surprise those who’ve been to Abu Dhabi. For those who haven’t? The Emirate awaits; as the figures suggest, there’s never been a better time to explore.




Written by: My Thanh Pham