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This was another day of cultural experiences involving cultural dressing and food. Of course, it is Fukuoka! We were taken to the Fukuoka castle area to be fitted for kimono and samurai outfits. This is unique and involves walking around the castle grounds in your specially fitted dress.

There are various plans available and timings. We chose one hour of walking around the castle grounds and the gardens. You could also have an anniversary shoot, graduation, or family arrangement.

The kind people of Mayu no Yakata greeted, briefed, and measured us before efficiently and quickly fitting us. We had two ladies who, as a team, dressed each of us. As you can see in the pictures, it includes shoes. Our walk around the grounds had many pictures our friend took and appreciating glances from the Japanese also walking around the beautiful gardens.

Try this when in Fukuoka. It is surprisingly good value and something you won’t forget. It’s high quality. In addition to kimonos, they carefully select accessories such as belts, bags, and sandals.

The Kimono dressing technique is under the guidance of those who have obtained first-class skills and staff who have polished their technical skills. They have a licensed cosmetologist who offers hair sets matching the kimono scene.

They will make up according to your individuality and hairstyle with each plan’s options.

They told me, “We are working to convey Japanese culture to people in Japan and overseas.

Above all, the cultural of “kimono” is a wonderful and beautiful costume. I dress many foreigners in kimonos every day because I want them to experience kimono culture in a casual and fun way. It’s fun. wonderful!”

Takamiya teien saryo and Takamiya Gardens

Parading around the castle grounds and getting dressed created an appetite, so we ate at Takamiya teien saryo and Takamiya Gardens. This is an elegant and relaxing setting for lunch on a beautiful spring day, with a lovely post-lunch walk-in garden.

At Takamiya Teien Saryo, we had a fantastic lunch and a tour of their property. The “Former Kaishima Residence” was renovated, part of it as a commercial restaurant and convention facilities, named “Takamiya Teien Saryo”.

Built using traditional Japanese architectural techniques, the residence boasted a staggering scale of up to 1,172 square meters, with separate spaces for entertaining guests and living quarters that were kept private. Today, the main building (507 square meters), which served as the reception area, and a tea room (71 square meters) remain and were donated to Fukuoka in 2005.

The main building features a formal shoin-style room with a luxurious and strict atmosphere and a stylish sukiya-style room made with simple materials, each filled with carefully crafted designs and an open space that overlooks the garden.

As one of the most significant examples of modern Japanese architecture in Fukuoka city and a valuable historic structure that tells the story of the coal mining boom era, it was registered as a cultural property of Fukuoka city in May 2017.

The Takamiya Teien Saryo has two kinds of lunch courses and dinner.

– Lunch 3,800 yen

– Lunch 5,000 yen

– Dinner 9,800 yen

– Dinner 14,800 yen

The traditional Tea preparation at lunch was an extraordinary experience. Takamiya is worth a visit or two!


Former Takamiya Residence of the Kaijima Family

Article about the Former Takamiya Residence of the Kaijima Family in English.




Written by: Rick Coles