With many now planning their holidays, Premier Inn has researched Pinterest and Google search data for road trips around the world to reveal which routes are inspiring the most wanderlust this year.

The number of Pinterest boards and Google searches were compared for road trips in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

When it comes to holiday research and inspiration, Pinterest is one of the places where travel dreams are shared, with Pinterest boards revealing plenty about people’s future travel plans. Similarly, many holidaymakers turn to Google when researching or planning their next dream journey, looking for routes, accommodation and things to do while on their upcoming trip. By analysing both of these holiday planning tools, Premier Inn can reveal the top trending road trips as people map out their motoring adventures for 2022.

The world’s top 10 trending road trips

The research analysed over 50 road trips to crown Hawaii’s Road to Hana as the top trending route to drive this year. North America has the most road trips in the top 10, with the Pacific Coast Highway featuring fourth and the Pan-American Highway just behind it in fifth. Canada’s Cabot Trail ranked in seventh position, beating the world-renowned Route 66, which only just made the rankings at tenth.

  1. Road to Hana, Hawaii
  2. Great Ocean Road, Australia
  3. North Coast 500, Scotland
  4. Pacific Coast Highway, USA
  5. Pan-American Highway, USA
  6. Ruta 40, Argentina
  7. Cabot Trail, Canada
  8. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan
  9. Snake Pass, UK
  10. Route 66, USA

Road to Hana, Hawaii: This 64.4-mile-long stretch of Maui highway winds its way through lush green forests, waterfalls, valleys and local towns, making it a road trip not to miss! However, this trip is reserved for the confident driver, with a staggering 617 hairpin curves and 59 exhilarating one-lane bridges. Make sure to stop frequently to hike to the nearest sights, enjoy fresh delicacies and take in the beautiful nature in this Hawaiian tropical paradise.

Great Ocean Road, Australia: A stunningly scenic coastal drive starting in the surf capital Torquay and finishing in the historic fishing village Port Fairy. Beautiful natural landscapes are on display throughout this epic road trip: the Twelve Apostles, chiselled out of limestone over millions of years, woodland wildlife, hot springs, and treetop canopies.

North Coast 500, Scotland: Taking up to five days for a round trip, this rugged Scottish coastal route is well worth the 500 miles it’s named after. Road trippers can take in jagged mountains, historic fishing villages, Scottish architecture and breathtaking mountain landscapes, enjoying local delicacies such as haggis and Scotch pies along the way.

A spokesperson from Premier Inn commented:

“With summer now upon us and this year feeling freer than the past few following further easing of travel restrictions, many will be looking for travel and adventure. We were eager to provide a handy guide of the top trending routes for those looking to hit the road this summer all across the world.”

The full Wanderlust Report can be viewed here: https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/news/2022/pinterest-travel-report.html