Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi AnWhen travelling to Vietnam, vivid immersions in the local way of life is the most insightful experience to discover the beauty and vibrancy of the Vietnamese culture. Set in an idyllic location on Vietnam’s culturally rich central coast, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An presents an authentic connection to the region through community-led staff, unique architecture, inspiring spa concept, Vietnamese culinary journey, in-Resort cultural activities and local ceremonies, and a range of insightful excursions.

Community Lead With more than 98 percent of staff hailing from Hoi An and Danang, each Four Seasons team member brings a sense of place with vast knowledge of the local culture and showcases the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality, from heart-warming welcoming service to traditional Ao Dai uniform to friendly smiles and gentle treatment of care and concern from the heart. Preserving a historic temple on-site, Thanh Hoang Temple, the Resort embraces the importance of traditional rituals and welcomes local fishermen to perform monthly prayers to seek blessings, fortune and protection from the guardian of the sea.Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An

This aged-old traditional temple is now part of the Resorts landmark. Unique Architecture In homage to traditional abodes, the all-villa resort interprets the Vietnamese tradition of architecture as an art form. Aesthetic and symbolic, each villa entails the traditional Vietnamese design that unites structure, landscape, and Phong Thuy widely known as Feng Shui to brilliant effect featuring internal columns, a multi-functional central sleeping platform and a wide space for natural ventilation.

Inspiring Spa Concept Nestled in a lotus lagoon, The Heart of the Earth Spa is an earth-attuned spa that inspires guests to be mindful and connect to Mother Nature, our natural healer. This unique and inspiring concept is centred on the mindful teachings of the renowned Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Each blissful treatment is categorized in one of the three well-being categories Stability, Creativity and Non-Judgement complemented by crystal singing bowl experiences, tuned to 432 Hz, the harmonic intonation of nature.

Named as the Best Emotional Recovery space by Cond Nast Traveler in 2019, a visit to the award-winning spa is a deep self-discovery expedition into ones inner being connecting to natural surroundings as one inseparable being. Vietnamese Culinary Journey With an on-site Resort farm of more than 40 varieties of heirloom herbs, vegetables and fruits combined with a thoughtful guiding principle to source the best ingredients from local suppliers, guests are assured to enjoy the freshest quality of food.

Appreciate a freshly brewed aromatic cup of coffee from the Ethical Cup menu using Rainforest Alliance certified robusta coffee beans from the highlands of Vietnam to an array of authentic Vietnamese flavours from all regions on the Vietnamese Street Food themed-buffet dinner spread. For a complete Vietnamese culinary journey, join the Nam Hai Cooking Academy to craft authentic Vietnamese recipes from scratch and embrace the traditional cooking concept of Yin and Yang in dishes using fresh ingredients, handpicked from the Resort farm. One-on-one authentic Korean and Indian cooking classes with the Resort chefs are also available.

On-Site Cultural Activities Daily complimentary and bespoke activities at the resort ground feature arts and crafts classes conical hat embroidery, silk flower making, candle making, Hoi An face mask painting and traditional practices of coconut cutting and Vietnamese home remedy making. The nightly candlelit Good Night Kiss to the Earth ritual and weekly Thap Nen candle lighting ceremony is part of the traditional praying ritual to Mother Earth and ancestors for peace, health, happiness and great fortune. Cultural Excursions To discover the country’s vibrant culture and natural wonders, join the insightful tours to the sacred sites and cultural trips to the pulsating heartland of Central Vietnam. Total cultural immersion is not complete without a visit to the extraordinary UNESCO trifecta.

Written by: Matthew Thomas