Salute-the-Sun-at-Reflections-Holiday-ParksWith International Day of Yoga being celebrated across the world today, Reflections Holiday Parks is encouraging holidaymakers to focus on their health and wellbeing whilst getting back to nature.

International Yoga Day is celebrated on the 21st of June every year with people gathering, often in parks and scenic outdoor settings, to enjoy the positive effects meditation, yoga and connections to nature have on the mind, body and spirit. Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Nick Baker said holiday yoga was a popular activity with guests often enjoying a meditative sunrise or sunset stretch in the relaxed coastal and country surroundings Reflections is well known for.

Guests who holiday at Reflections Holiday Parks want that deeper connection with nature and the mind-body health benefits of an outdoor-based holiday with us are incredible, Nick said.

I love the outdoors and stepping away from technology to breathe in the air and enjoy the scenery, be it through meditation and yoga stretches or while simply enjoying a cuppa, has a real restorative effect.

The Winter sunshine is a great mood lifter and right now many of our coastal park guests are spotting whales as they roll out their towels or mats and take in their surroundings while saluting the sun.

Written by: Matthew Thomas