Travelers-beware-hackers-compromise-airport-and-railway-Wi-FiTravellers beware, hackers compromise airport and railway Wi-Fi According to recent research by NordVPN, 1 in 4 travellers have been hacked when using public Wi-Fi while travelling abroad.

Most of those hacks happen while travellers are in transit at train stations, bus stations, or the airport. Scrolling through your phone while waiting for a flight or train is typical. However, when on vacation, people tend to forget about their online security, Daniel Markuson, a cybersecurity expert at NordVPN says.

Hackers use the public Wi-Fi network weaknesses in airports and train stations to get their hands on sensitive personal or corporate data. What are the dangers of public Wi-Fi in airports and train stations Travellers are easier to trick because they usually don’t know what the legit Wi-Fi name in a certain place abroad is? This makes it easier for hackers to set up evil twins’ fake Wi-Fi hotspots in places frequently visited by tourists, like airports or train stations.

If a traveller connects to such a hotspot, all their personal information, including payment card details, private emails, and various credentials, will be sent to a hacker.

However, legitimate public Wi-Fi networks can also be unsafe because they’re still public. A hacker can connect to an open network anytime, snoop on users’ online activity, and steal their passwords and personal information.

Written by: Supaporn Pholrach (Joom)