There’s just a couple of weeks left before the season ends to get your hands on the lauded and prized black truffles carefully cultivated in Manjimup, Western Australia.Truffle season, which starts in June, is short and usually lasts about three months.

The last of this year’s black truffles can be ordered online, direct from the farm at Australian Truffle Traders .

Freshly unearthed truffles are carefully cleaned, graded, sealed, cold-packed and shipped across Australia via express post with delivery in 48 hours (in most cases).

Gavin Booth, owner of family business Australian Truffle Traders, said that more people than ever are enjoying truffles at home.

“There are so many ways to enjoy truffle, often the simplest dishes are the best, but the most important thing is to enjoy them while they are fresh,” Gavin said.

“Shaved over creamy scrambled eggs, infused in a gooey baked brie, shaved over a simple fresh pasta, or churned with butter, truffles are a treat, and we are so happy that more and more people are deciding to treat themselves at home.

“Like any restaurant supplier, the lockdowns across Australia and the world have affected commercial sales, but the flip side is that consumer sales are strong.

“If you haven’t indulged in truffle yet or want some more truffle while you can, get in quick before the season is over.

“We’re really feeling for everyone in lockdown across the country, but at with some truffle at home, you can bring joy and excitement to the dining table.”

Gavin said that once harvested, truffles will last in the fridge between two to three weeks.

One way to make your truffles last longer is to make truffle butter and freeze it.

Visit for more information including ordering truffles direct from the farm and tips for storing and using truffles.