SL Green Realty Corp. today revealed plans for SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, a story-driven, immersive experience and observatory located in the crown of One Vanderbilt, the skyline-defining new tower in the heart of Manhattan standing 1,401 feet tall. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt will be the latest in a series of anticipated openings at One Vanderbilt as part of the $3.3 billion development, including Michelin starred Chef Daniel Boulud’s Le Pavillon on the building’s second floor, connected directly to Grand Central Terminal in the center of Manhattan.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a new, innovative destination that combines unparalleled vistas, curated multi-sensory experiences and cutting-edge technology to offer an unprecedented guest experience spanning art, nature, food, and design. It is produced by SL Green with the immersive art experience designed by Kenzo Digital and interior design by Snøhetta. Culinary offerings will be led by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events.

Launching on October 21, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt provides way more than just spectacular views, it will redefine the way people experience the intersection between nature and the built environment. It will include an all-glass enclosed elevator called Ascent which travels up the outside of the building to a breathtaking view that soars at 1,210 feet above New York City. Adventurers will also enjoy stepping out into fully transparent glass sky boxes called Levitation that suspend guests 1,000 feet above Madison Avenue. The terrace also features plenty of seating areas to enjoy the views as well as the highest outdoor garden in the world.

The excitement will continue this summer when Kenzo Digital unveils the design for a category breaking immersive art installation that brings novel storytelling to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. The installation, called Air, takes the canvas of an observation deck and elevates it into a transcendent and euphoric experience.

“Using materiality, lighting design, sound design, production design, and animation, Air will awaken your senses, transform your perception of New York, and reimagine your relationship to nature. Air will be the ultimate example of the democratization of art – a revelatory experience regardless of age, origin, or walk of life,” said Kenzo Digital, Artist and CEO, Kenzo Digital Immersive.

“We have created a destination that offers an interactive experience that will be remembered for a lifetime with the best, amplified views in all of New York City. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is awe inspiring, magical and needs to be experienced to be understood,” said Marc Holliday, Chairman and CEO of SL Green. “It is a special, thrilling place that New Yorkers and travelers from across the country and the world will want to visit time and time again.” 

The four-level entertainment space is 65,000 sq. feet and has been in development since 2016. As recreation and tourism rebounds in New York City, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is ideally located in the heart of Midtown, directly connected to Grand Central Terminal, making it an easy access point for all.

“New York City will be full of energy this Fall, and SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is an incredible addition to its attractions for locals and visitors,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company. “With the City’s tourism well positioned to continue to rebound, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt comes at an ideal time to offer a reimagined observation deck experience paired with a truly unique artistic expression.”

Snohetta Design

Snøhetta designed SUMMIT One Vanderbilt’s interior as a sensory urban experience that lifts visitors into the sky. Opening up to Manhattan, the state-of-the-art observatory and cultural space was designed as a journey through light, sound and art with views across all five boroughs and beyond. The project builds a series of interconnected experiences that begins in the vaulted halls of Grand Central Terminal and the journey from station to sky culminates in SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. The team reimagined the urban experience of New York as this bold new cultural space in Midtown, bringing people together through a series of elevated spaces. Celebrating New York and its history, Summit One Vanderbilt creates new perspectives for the city’s future.

“SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is an immersive and sensory space embracing the cityscape of New York. Between integrated art, sound and lighting, and the observatory’s expansive views, our approach to interior design allows visitors to understand their place in the larger city,” said Anne-Rachel Schiffman, Director of Snøhetta. “SUMMIT One Vanderbilt celebrates this context from Grand Central Terminal to this new space in the sky.”


Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events has produced an unparalleled food and beverage experience at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt with an indoor and terrace bar, an all-day cafe, and grab and go kiosks with elevated snacks. Food offerings combine global flavors with New York City influences to create a unique experience for travelers and locals alike. The culinary progression will feature menu items that surprise and delight plus unique beverages and familiar fare.

“Union Square Events is overjoyed to have been selected as the culinary partner for SUMMIT One Vanderbilt,” said Danny Meyer, Founder and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group. “Our team is proud to add additional flavor to this thrilling new destination that will place a resounding exclamation point on New York City’s renaissance.”

Health & Safety

As a global leader in environmental, social, and governance initiatives, SL Green has invested heavily in sustainability features at One Vanderbilt, ensuring the tower maintains one of the lowest carbon footprints across similarly scaled buildings in New York City. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has hospital grade UV-c light treatment and MERV 16 filters and 9-stage volatile organic compound (VOC) HEPA Filters have been installed to ensure the cleanest air systems. The attraction was designed with safety and wellness being a top priority during the time of COVID-19 and will operate in accordance with all current CDC guidelines and local mandates.