Last Week Alone, Cybersecurity Breaches costs corporations over $ 100 million dollars. That’s a massive payday for the ‘bad guys’!

Or, are the rest of us, perhaps in the wrong line of work!?

Why pay the bastards?! Wait Up!  Our sources say, ‘Paying the ransom in most cases, oftentimes, proves to be the path of least resistance’…

What the F*^k… are you telling us that It’s cheaper to belly-up the ransom and move on?!

Tune into this webinar if you’re interested in the ‘inside skinny’ on Cybersecurity breaches and ‘where to from here’.

HEAR THIS!    None of Us, are equipped to fly under the radar on the issue…

From New York, Cybersecurity expert, lawyer Paul Ferrillo fronts up, setting the ground rules for our fighting back. Fact is…There Are No Rules! Start stacking the sandbags…our best offence may well be, creating the very best defence…

Joining in the hour-long session is the highly-regarded Sydney-based tourism and travel Lawyer Anthony Cordato. For over 3 decades ‘Tony’ has been on the front-lines, and in the trenches helping travellers and travel retailers navigate the shallows of refunds, cancellations and currently, the long-term impacts on cash-flows during Covid19.

‘Tony’s insights may not be music to our ears, but he has granted us a much better grip on our rights staying afloat in this most- unusual Corona Tsunami!

Find a comfy chair and plan to take notes for this one… This IS, Important.

Written by: Mark Sheehan