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Once a demographic dominated by affluent professionals, the face of the expat has dramatically shifted to welcome almost everyone, including a new generation of free-spirited, tech-savvy, globally-mobile adventurers keen to experience the world — and Moovaz is helping them live the dream. Powered by smart technology, Moovaz is reimagining logistics with simple, efficient moving services for a new generation of expat, and has secured a Series A round totalling USD 7 million, including previous convertibles, to do it.

An international relocation services platform headquartered in Singapore, Moovaz was founded in 2018 by Lee Junxian and 2 other Co-founders. The vision was simple: to promote a life well moved, for today’s global citizens. With the ease of travel and rise in flexible work, more people are choosing to forgo their home bases in pursuit of the digital nomad lifestyle. But the process is typically headache-inducing and comes with many roadblocks, from extremely high costs to slow shipping times and storage container issues. Moovaz turns the traditional logistics industry upside down, providing a smart, curated platform connecting customers with the right services at the right time.

“Relocating from one country to another is a huge logistic undertaking. You have to uproot everything, manage accommodation and travel plans, apply for visas, open new bank accounts. Basically move your entire life,” says Lee Junxian, Co-Founder and CEO of Moovaz. “Despite all the tech innovations out there, relocation services remain notoriously slow, expensive and inefficient. As the world opens up, these challenges need to be addressed. Our goal is to use innovation to provide a complete moving solution for global citizens, and eliminate the headache that comes with moving your life.”

On the Moovaz platform, customers can get instant shipping prices and track their belongings. Using automation and data, Moovaz captures customer information and profiles their needs before connecting them with their global network of contractors. However, Moovaz goes beyond the expectations of a relocation services company; instead harnessing technology and automation to provide a seamless moving process for customers.

Dubbing themselves “Life Movers”, Moovaz helps global citizens move their lives, while also connecting them to their future communities. During the process, Moovaz provides tailored recommendations for essential extra services to ensure as smooth a move  as possible, from connecting utilities to buying insurance or setting up the all-important Wi-Fi.

While the lion’s share of its customers hail from the Asia-Pacfic, Moovaz plans to scale rapidly and expand its partnership base. Now, backed by the likes of Quest Ventures, who are backed by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Supply chain conglomerate YCH Group and deep-tech investors SGInnovate, it can do that and more-and has its sights firmly set on strengthening its services and facilities to become an industry leader in the relocation field.

This means launching go-to market campaigns in new countries, raising capital, expanding their team, and welcoming new partners to optimize each customers life journey, at a functional level and an emotional one.