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Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2024The luxury hospitality industry is on the cusp of transforming, as highlighted during the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Experts emphasized that authenticity, personalization, and exceptional guest experiences are crucial for standing out in the highly competitive market. The event concluded today and brought together global figureheads and homegrown talent to discuss redefining modern luxury.

Authenticity and Common Values

Panellists at the luxury summit discussed the importance of luxury brands establishing shared values and authentic experiences across their portfolios. Claudia Kozma Kaplan, SVP & Global Head of Brand at Raffles, stressed the need for hotels to integrate local heritage and culture into their offerings. “It’s not just about lavish architecture; it’s about creating a unique value proposition that resonates with guests,” she said.

Personalization as a Key Driver

Revolutionizing Luxury Hospitality - Key Insights from ATM 2024.

Revolutionizing Luxury Hospitality – Key Insights from ATM 2024.

Personalization emerged as a pivotal theme. Richard Alexander, GM of The Lana (Dorchester Collection), highlighted the benefits of hyper-personalized guest experiences. “From remembering guests’ favourite dishes to celebrating special occasions, personalization fosters loyalty and drives repeat business,” Alexander noted. Michael Grieve, Chief Brand Officer at Jumeirah, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that personalized service differentiates luxury brands in a crowded marketplace.

Infusing Local Art and Cuisine

Speakers underscored the importance of local art, music, and cuisine in creating memorable guest experiences. Marco Franck, Chief Hospitality Officer at Boutique Group, pointed out the value added by celebrity chefs and the necessity of nurturing local culinary talent. “Infusing local culture into our hotels creates a sense of place and authenticity that guests crave,” Franck explained.

Effective Recruitment and Retention

The panel also addressed the critical role of effective recruitment and retention. Building teams capable of delivering hyper-personalized service is essential. John O’Ceallaigh, Founder of The Luxury Travel Edit Limited and session moderator, highlighted that retaining staff who understand and anticipate guests’ needs is a significant competitive advantage.

Danielle Curtis’ Perspective

Danielle Curtis, Exhibition Director ME, Arabian Travel Market, remarked on the competitive landscape of the Middle East’s luxury hospitality segment. “With so many players, hoteliers must continuously innovate to stand out. Our panellists provided invaluable insights into redefining modern luxury,” Curtis said.

Inspiration for Future Leaders

On the final day of ATM 2024, the Network with Future Leaders session brought together university students from across the UAE to learn from industry veterans. This session aimed to inspire the next generation of travel and tourism professionals by sharing expertise and knowledge.

Focus on Sustainability

The Sustainability Summit wrapped up four days of engaging industry summits. Discussions included “COP 28 Unpacked: Charting Travel’s Path to Sustainability” and “Leveraging Sustainability for Luxury Markets.” A panel of 12 international speakers addressed “The Top Trends to Tap in 2024,” highlighting the industry’s commitment to sustainable practices.


ATM 2024 showcased the evolving landscape of luxury hospitality, emphasizing authenticity, personalization, and exceptional guest experiences as key differentiators. As the industry grows, these insights will be instrumental in guiding luxury hoteliers toward a successful future.

Visit the Arabian Travel Market’s official website for more information on the insights shared at ATM 2024.




Written by: Octavia Koo