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We never know exactly how long we are going to live, whether we will be lucky enough to make it well into our old age or not, but it has been suggested that where we ice can affect just how long we are expected to live and whether your gender can be a determining factor. Crystal Ski Holiday has researched whether the correlation between the county you live in and the age you will live till and it might make some use might consider packing up and moving to the colder countries in the world, but can you face the brutal cold.

Although it is near impossible to estimate what age we will live till, factors such as gender, age and location have been known to link together to create a good idea of what your life expectancy could be.

When most think of the cold, we think of the UK’s wet and windy winters, but for other locations, winter is much more serious than an umbrella turning inside out or a soggy pair of socks. The coldest winter the UK has ever experienced may surprise most of you, with temperatures reach a record low of -27.2°C, but most of the time, the UK and Ireland have a steady winter temperature of 5°C. Whereas other destinations around the world, such as Russia may need an extra layer when the winter months ht, with temperatures generally reaching -5°C, but this may have been linked to its own set of benefits.

In these cold, wintery regions around the world, women are thought to live noticeably longer than men, with women living on average until the age of 81.4 and men living till around 77.3 years old, this pattern is highlighted in these locations specifically (in years)…

  • Canada: Men: 80.2 / Women: 84.1
  • China: Men:74.6 / Women: 77.6
  • Estonia: Men: 72.7 / Women: 82
  • Finland: Men: 78.3 / Women: 83.8
  • Norway: Men: 79.8/ Women: 83.7
  • Russia: Men: 64.7/ Women: 76.3

The global life expectancy for women is 74.2-years-olds, which is more than the average for men, which is 69.8-years-old and counties around the world seem to maintain the same pattern of women living longer. In Russia, women are estimated to live around 11.6 years longer, compared to men, this research suggests that women’s health is better in colder climates, compared to the UK – females live 3.6-years longer than men.

It is the case for every country in which the data was collected, that women do live longer than men, but the margin as to how much longer they live differs and it appears the colder countries seem to have a bigger margin. Although, despite women living that much longer compared to men, in Russia, Canada records its residents living to an older age, with women having a life expectancy of 84.1 and men 80.2. However, in Russia, these are lower to 76.3 for women and 64.7 for men.