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Whether or not it is difficult to get a work permit in Singapore is relative. Some people view it as a challenging process for many reasons while others find it straightforward especially if they have met the minimum requirements.

According to immigration experts, the agent you use might make it easy or difficult for you. So, it is up to you to find a reputable Singapore visa and permits agency.

How Professionals Find a Job in Singapore

The state appreciates foreign expertise in different areas of management. Actually, Singapore encourages foreigners to seek top management jobs, and they even have a special permit for these. After securing employment, either through a recruiting agency in your county or via an online process, you will need to apply for an Employment Pass (EP). For middle managers with limited experience, the S-Pass will do. As long as you have met the qualifications requested, you can complete an online form through a professional visa agency and wait for the immigration department of Singapore to make their decision.

For a better opportunity to get the job of your choice, Singapore has a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), which is valid for 6 months. The good thing, according to experts, is that you can search for your dream job while in Singapore. After this, you can apply for the appropriate work permit. You can check here to learn more about these passes and start applying for one.

Obtain a Permit for Business

Apart from work permits, many people come to Singapore to take part in its strong business sector. In this case, an EntrePass is ideal. The main condition is to own stock in a private limited company with about 30% of the shares.

Many people seek this permit because Singapore is full of business opportunities. Whether you are an entrepreneur or have a well-established business, the immigration department will need you to meet the minimum requirements before you can be granted this pass.

Looking for a Job as a Dependent

If you are in Singapore as a dependent of a work permit holder, the process of finding a job might be a little difficult. The state asks for more documents such as proof that you are entitled to receive the work permit for which you are applying. Things become even harder if the person you are depending on has an expired work permit or a work permit with limitations.

People who seek this permit include students, parents, and spouses of Singapore work permit holders. There might be other minor requirements needed, but when the main ones are achieved, getting a Dependent’s Pass is easy.

Final Word

The secret to making this process easy is to first look at the qualifications and ensure that they are all met. Singapore’s immigration authorities will not give you a work visa if they feel that you do not deserve it.

It is prudent to make your application very simple and straightforward. If there is anything missing, put things in order before submitting the application. The good thing is that reputable agents usually advise and guide applicants in the right way.