Was something missing from your Christmas last year? Has the magic of Christmas festivities dwindled? Are you sick of the frantic, last minute rush of it all? Do you want to make your family’s Christmas next year unforgettable, without having to stress about any of the organisation? Then a Christmas expedition or boutique cruise is the perfect way to do it.

Instead of spending weeks preparing and cleaning the house, stressing over what everyone is going to eat, where everyone is going to sit and whether your dodgy uncle is going to offend everyone again, set sail on an expedition cruise to beautiful, pristine landscapes or quaint river towns where you neither have to prepare the gigantic roast turkey that doesn’t quite fit in the oven or clean up the mess that everyone leaves behind.

Bring back the sleepless excitement that once filled the festive season with a holiday the whole family can enjoy. An expedition cruise is perfect for a multi-generational, family getaway. The calmness and freedom of being at sea is heavenly for parents and grandparents, with plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy; and everyone will love heading out on a zodiac excursion to explore some of nature’s most remote and spectacular locations.

An expedition or boutique Christmas cruise is even better than its big ship counterpart because you aren’t on a floating city filled with large crowds. Your journey is intimate and personalised and the expedition crew know your names and make your Christmas getaway one you’ll never forget. From the scrumptious meals to the daily activities, you can sit back in luxury knowing that everything is taken care of.

If you and your family are feeling adventurous than there is nothing that matches the icy landscapes of Antarctica.  Most Australians have never experienced a white Christmas before and as Christmas occurs in the region’s brief summer, it’s the perfect time to visit. The crisp blue skies, frozen mountains and ever-stretching white landscape await seagoing adventurers, with zodiac excursions taking you out to meet the locals including fur seals, leopard seals, countless penguins and even the magnificent humpback whales.

If the Antarctic doesn’t appeal, then there are plenty of other destinations that available on the Cruise Traveller website.  Maybe a steamboat cruise along the Mississippi River? Or Christmas on the Danube River visiting the Christmas markets of Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. There are plenty of options to suit the desires of your family.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve never experienced a Christmas at sea, then treat yourself, your kids and your parents to the Christmas of a lifetime on a cruise filled with merry moments that you’ll remember forever. Christmas cruises are always popular so our tip is to find the itinerary that suits you and book early.  Family cabins go quick. Also, flights will get expensive the closer you get to Christmas so the earlier you book, the more you will save!