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Wondershield Debuts ‘The World’s First Electrostatic Sprayer

September 17, 2021 Lifestyle News No Comments

Following the success of its long-lasting ‘quat-based disinfectant which kills 99.99% of bacteria for up to 30 days, the Australian producer of cleaning and anti-bacterial products, Wondershield, today announced the launch of its new infection-prevention system called Wonderpods. … Continue Reading

P&O Australia announces surprise vaccination only policy for guests and crew.

In a surprise announcement on Friday, P&O Cruises Australia, President Sture Myrmell said that only vaccinated guests and crew would be allowed on P&O Australia’s ships when it resumed cruising. … Continue Reading

Shock secret report blames Federal Government for Ruby Princess COVID-19 disaster

Australia’s Commonwealth’s Inspector-General of Biosecurity says the federal agriculture department made a number of mistakes, including not interviewing sick passengers on Ruby Princess. … Continue Reading

Canadian Government mandates vaccinations for trains, planes and ships

The Canadian Government announced last week that all travellers on commercial airlines, interprovincial trains and cruise ships will be required to be vaccinated by the end of October. … Continue Reading

CLIA clarifies their vaccinations for cruising position

August 18, 2021 Cruise News No Comments

This week, I asked the CEO of CLIA Joel Katz whether the Federal Government’s four stage Covid exit plan, directly linked to achieving the vaccination of Australians had changed CLIA’s position regarding testing or vaccinations for domestic cruising. … Continue Reading

AFR report shows what life in Singapore is like at 70% vaccination

I describe Singapore as Asia that works and maybe this amazing city-state now gives some insights on what Australia may be like going forward, … Continue Reading

Who is protecting average Australians from travel agents who do the wrong thing about refunds?

August 17, 2021 Headline News No Comments

Aussie mum Caroline Livanos says there has been lots in the media over the last year or more about how pandemic has affected businesses like travel agents, but she says there is another side to her story and in her case one worth over $1,000. … Continue Reading

Why being fully vaccinated is an absolute necessity for Australian cruising.

Some cruise companies are only specifying PCR testing rather than vaccinations for cruisers to be able to cruise, with even CLIA in its Member Policy saying cruisers only have to be PCR tested, … Continue Reading

Not vaccinated and no vaccine passport, then don’t expect to travel again!

Forget first class. Forget business. Forget premium. Forget economy (yes, let’s definitely try and forget economy), there are only two classes of travel that matter now and in the foreseeable future: the jabbed and the jabless. … Continue Reading

All US based United Airlines employees have to get the Covid-19 vaccine

United Airlines has become the first US airline to tell all US-based employees they must get vaccinated for Covid-19, … Continue Reading

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