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#QuitForContiki: Aussies set to ditch their day job to travel this European summer

November 25, 2021 Tour Operator No Comments
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After two years of cancelled holidays, screen fatigue, and globetrotting only via Zoom backgrounds, it’s clear Aussies are determined to break free of the 9-5 life and get back to exploring the world with a carpe diem mindset.

New research from Contiki* reveals 70% of young Aussies are rethinking their current career with desire to travel (50%), burn out (40%) and wanting to enjoy new experiences (44%) being the top contributors.

With an urge to clean their desk and clear their mind, the pressure facing burnt out workers has sparked the ‘The Great Resignation’, with many anticipated to change roles, or start new careers entirely as they desire change and variety.

The research reveals over 1 in 10 (13%) of 18-35 year olds confirm they will hand in their notice and resign for travel in 2022. A further 19% admit they would quit if the right destination calls – Goodnight Sydney, Buongiorno Ragazzi Roma.

Switching a business suit for a bathing suit

While hot-desking policies provide a great opportunity to travel to different places, the nation can’t seem to shake the appeal of jumping on a plane, with 61% of Aussies committing to making international travel a priority in 2022.

From paralegals who’d rather be paragliding to plumbers with nothing but blocked holiday plans – adventurous Aussies are excited to get back out exploring, with the most appealing activities being a European getaway (54%), Greek Island hopping (34%) and spending time living on a yacht (30%).

The top incentives drawing Aussies towards travelling as restrictions ease are:

  • To seek new experiences (73%)
  • To feel happiness (61%)
  • To explore the world (60%)
  • To make memories (58%)
  • To experience other cultures (56%)

When it comes to taking the plunge and departing ways with their boss, over three-quarters (77%) feel nervous, revealing they are turning to loved ones, co-workers and even social media for advice on how to break the news.

However, millennials are willing to break the news in style with 5% willing to quit their job via a TikTok video if it meant they could set sail for Santorini.


To alleviate some of the pressures facing Aussies when quitting their job, Contiki has prepared a tongue-in-cheek one-stop destination to quit in style.

From pre-recorded voicemails, to a bye-bye auto-reply, #QuitForContiki is a suite of ready-to-go resignation materials to help Australians trade the tools for travel, without the added stress of how to break the news.

For those ready to announce their promotion as Chief Traveller, the resignation toolkit includes:

  • A good old resignation letter to keep it classy
  • A PowerPoint full of charts
  • The bye-bye auto-reply, an out of office but make it forever
  • A LinkedIn announcement to let the world know
  • Pre-recorded voice messages for those with no time for email
  • A break up SMS – stone cold but you have bags to pack

DJ Tigerlily, supporter of #QuitforContiki, is eager to help her fellow Aussies make fulfilling lifestyle changes by switching on their OOO, forever.

“If you’re feeling the fatigue of everyday life, there is no better time to take a leap and focus on what truly matters: new experiences and meaningful friendships. Whether you’re someone who likes to keep it classy with a handwritten letter – or you’re stone cold and bold enough to send a break-up text, the #QuitForContiki materials do the hard work for you.”

“With all details sorted and a group full of like-minded friends in the making, Contiki offers a perfect opportunity to experience the world hassle-free.”

Katrina Barry, Managing Director of Contiki, said she hopes the Quit online hub will help Aussies reclaim a sense of adventure.

“Travelling the world is a rite of passage for many young Aussies, and after the past few years, many have missed out. It’s now more important than ever for people to get back into the world and experience travel – Contiki style. Whether it’s swimming in a private pool at a French château or island hopping in Greece, the European summer is welcoming adventurous Aussies with open arms. For those bitten by the travel bug, we’ve launched a range of new experiences to inspire in 2022.”

To guide your work breakup, the free tongue-in-cheek Quit for Contiki resignation toolkit is available to access via

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