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Australia’s Allergy-Friendly Food & Beverage Guide

January 30, 2021 Food & Beverage No Comments

Now that Australia is slowly opening back up for business, we’re all keen to escape the confines of isolation and head to our nearest restaurant or pub for a pint. However, for those of us that suffer from food allergies or intolerances, it isn’t as easy as picking the closest venue to our house. Allergies affect many of us, but they’re certainly not a jail sentence. Bars and pubs like the Mornington Brewery offer gluten-free or allergy-friendly beverages and food, so it’s worth keeping them in mind before you book an Uber.

With around four million Australians suffering from some form of food allergy or intolerance, there are several factors we have to consider when mapping out our next night of freedom. Our allergy-friendly food and beverage guide that will help you have a safe, yet memorable night out.

Research is Key

The most common allergies in Australia include seafood, nuts, dairy products and wheat, so it’s important to find a venue that caters to you or your friend’s specific needs. Though you might not find a place that can cook allergen-free shrimp, a variety of Australian venues and food brands have created suitable substitutes. An easy way to decipher whether your chosen venue is allergy-friendly is to have a quick look online. There are websites and apps like Aus Allergy that allow you to sort by dietary restrictions and cuisine to determine which venue is the right fit. Most restaurants will also include dietary information on their own website, so it’s just a matter of looking them up. 


Gluten-Free Food and Drink

Wheat allergies and coeliac disease are one of the most common forms of food allergies affecting Australians. So, for all our coeliac and wheat-intolerant friends, the idea of having a glass of beer might sound like a faraway fantasy. Fortunately, there have been amazing improvements in the world of gluten-free beverages over the past few years. Several brands have manufactured beer that tastes just like the real thing minus the gluten and just as readily available, with official stockists including Dan Murphys and Coles Liquorland. In terms of food, dozens of restaurants across Australia now incorporate gluten-free meals into their menus. Gluten-free meals are becoming increasingly easy to find in a range of different cuisines, so you are truly spoiled for choice. 


Meat and Dairy Substitutes

Gone are the days of tofu being the only meat substitute. Now people with seafood or meat allergies have a variety of options available, both in restaurants and in stores. Well-known fast-food restaurants like Lord of the Fries or Grill’d cater to vegan and vegetarian diets, with a plethora of options available for meat or dairy substitutes. On the more high-end spectrum, there are also a plethora of restaurants available that cater to meat and dairy sensitivities Australia wide, like Melbourne’s Entrecôte restaurant or Sydney’s Mark and Vinny’s.


Planning a Night In

Planning on entertaining at home? Woolworths and Coles now sell Beyond Meat, a plant-based meat substitute that imitates the real thing. Oat milk, almond milk as well as a range of other dairy alternatives are also widely available in the refrigerator aisle (dairy-free sweets also can be found if you feel like treating yourself). Though mainstream supermarkets are now more inclusive of special dietary requirements, there is still a range of stores online that sell allergy-friendly food products or hard to find buys. With all these accommodations finally being made for us all, there’s nothing stopping you from cracking open a beer over a barbeque in the comfort of your own backyard!


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