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International Visitor Arrivals to the United States.In a significant milestone for the travel industry, March 2024 witnessed a remarkable surge in international arrivals to the United States and outbound travel by U.S. citizens. According to the latest data from the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO), the total volume of international visitors to the U.S. reached an impressive 5,893,360, marking a 12.6% increase compared to March 2023. This figure represents 94.2% of the visitor volume reported for March 2019, the pre-pandemic benchmark.

International Visitor Arrivals to the United States

March 2024 continued a positive trend, being the thirty-sixth consecutive month of year-over-year growth in international arrivals. Overseas visitor volume specifically saw a significant uptick, with 2,706,146 visitors, a 25.4% increase from March 2023. For the thirteenth consecutive month, overseas visitors exceeded 2 million, underscoring a robust recovery in the sector.

Notably, Canada emerged as the largest source of international visitors to the U.S., with 2,030,842 arrivals. However, this was a 3.0% decrease from the previous year. Mexico followed with 1,156,372 visitors, while the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan contributed 330,937, 193,337, and 159,079 visitors, respectively. These top five markets collectively accounted for 65.7% of the international arrivals, reflecting the continued strong interest in U.S. destinations from key countries.

Outbound Travel Departures from the United States

Outbound travel by U.S. citizens also saw a robust increase. 9,009,439 U.S. citizens travelled abroad in March 2024, marking a 15.4% rise compared to March 2023 and surpassing pre-pandemic March 2019 levels by 107.6%. This increase highlights Americans’ growing confidence and eagerness to explore international destinations post-pandemic.

North America remained a popular choice, with Mexico recording the highest outbound visitor volume of 3,620,485, which accounted for 40.2% of total departures in March. Canada also saw a notable year-over-year increase of 19.8%. Mexico and the Caribbean represented 55.9% of total U.S. citizen international departures, with year-to-date figures showing 9,832,941 departures to Mexico and 3,024,258 to the Caribbean.

Europe emerged as the second-largest market for outbound U.S. visitors, with 1,500,310 departures, accounting for 16.7% of all departures in March. Travel to the Caribbean also experienced a significant rise, with a 15.0% increase compared to March 2023.

Implications for the Travel Industry

These statistics reflect a significant rebound in the travel sector, with both inbound and outbound travel volumes nearing or surpassing pre-pandemic levels. The consistent year-over-year growth suggests a sustained recovery and increasing consumer confidence in international travel.

Travel industry stakeholders, including airlines, hotels, and tour operators, can leverage this data to strategize and optimize their offerings to meet the growing demand. The data also underscores the importance of maintaining robust travel infrastructure and services to accommodate the rising number of travellers.

For more detailed insights and information, visit the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) website.




Written by: Jason Smith