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The Hotels Network - logoIn an era where personalization is paramount, The Hotels Network (THN) has significantly optimised hotel website experiences. The company has unveiled new dynamic targeting rules, poised to revolutionize direct channel campaigns for hotel marketers. This advancement is a step forward and a leap, empowering hoteliers to craft hyper-relevant user experiences that elevate the online booking process.

Transforming Hotel Marketing with Advanced Targeting

The new targeting rules introduced by THN offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and precision. These rules enable hoteliers to adapt their messaging and offers based on various critical factors:

  1. Demand-Driven Messaging: By analyzing real-time user search data and fluctuations in demand, hotels can tailor their campaigns to match current conditions. For instance, creating a sense of urgency can encourage bookings during periods of low demand. Conversely, promoting upselling messages in high-demand periods can increase the average booking value (ABV).
  2. Addressing Price Disparities: Real-time detection of price disparities allows hotels to send personalized messages within the Booking Engine, persuading potential guests to book directly through the hotel’s website rather than third-party platforms. This strategic approach boosts direct bookings and enhances guest satisfaction by providing the best available rates.
  3. Leveraging Past User Behavior: By analyzing user preferences from previous visits and searches, hotels can surprise and delight their guests with personalized experiences. This level of customization not only boosts conversion rates but also fosters brand loyalty, encouraging repeat bookings.
  4. UTM Campaign Personalization: Hotel marketers can now utilize predefined UTM campaign shortcuts to streamline campaign targeting. This feature personalizes the website experience for traffic from specific sources like Google or Instagram, ensuring consistent and relevant messaging.

Staying Ahead in a Competitive Landscape

Delivering personalized and relevant experiences is crucial in today’s competitive hospitality market. THN’s advanced dynamic targeting rules empower hoteliers to stay ahead of the competition by enhancing direct channel performance and elevating the online guest experience.

Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of The Hotels Network, emphasized the importance of personalization in the hospitality industry. “People today expect personalized experiences, much like they have on platforms like Netflix or Spotify. The technology is here, and it’s time for hoteliers to take advantage of it in our industry as well. These new dynamic targeting rules are designed to help hoteliers meet and exceed those expectations, ensuring they can provide a truly personalized experience for their guests,” said Rodriguez.

A New Era of Hotel Website Optimization

THN is setting a new standard for hotel website optimization with these cutting-edge enhancements. The ability to deliver hyper-relevant content at crucial moments in the booking process not only improves user experience but also drives higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

As hotels continue to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, integrating advanced targeting rules is a game-changer. It equips hoteliers with the tools to create memorable, personalized experiences that resonate with today’s savvy travellers.

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Written by: Octavia Koo