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SOUL Festival - Group Qi Gong on the BeachSoul Festival Programme Highlights: Dive into a world of enlightenment and empowerment with our curated lineup of keynote speakers. Explore transformative topics such as ‘The Evolution Gap’ by Eric Edmeades, ‘The Biology of Presence’ by Zac Bush, ‘Treat the True Cause’ by Jamie Wheal, ‘The Power of Eight’ by Lynn McTaggart, ‘Cured: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life’ by Jeffrey Rediger, and ‘The Frontiers of Metabolic Medicine’ featuring Dr. Ahmed Elsakka, Dr. Nasha Winters, Dr. Zach Bush, and Katerina Le Blanc.
Soul Festival Speakers Line Up: Prepare to be inspired by 15 world-renowned health and wellbeing visionaries, thought leaders, and pioneers. Our diverse lineup promises insights, wisdom, and perspectives that will elevate your understanding of and discovery into the ‘Future of Wellness’.
Soul Festival Images: Immerse yourself in the visual tapestry of SOUL Festival. From captivating landscapes to candid moments of connection, these images capture the essence and spirit of our event.