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Solomon Airlines - logoIn a significant move for Pacific aviation, Solomon Airlines has announced the commencement of direct flights between Port Vila, Vanuatu, and Auckland, New Zealand, beginning May 27. This development marks a new chapter in the airline’s commitment to strengthening regional connectivity and supporting essential travel needs.

Solomon Airlines, the Solomon Islands’ national carrier, has collaborated closely with the Vanuatu government and New Zealand authorities to establish these new routes. This initiative ensures that air services linking Vanuatu and New Zealand continue seamlessly, addressing the travel demands of seasonal workers and tourists impacted by recent regional disruptions.

Previously, Solomon Airlines operated flights for Air Vanuatu, offering connections between Port Vila and Auckland. These flights ran weekly, with services from Port Vila to Auckland on Mondays and return flights on Tuesdays. This collaboration was part of a broader Pacific partnership, which included codeshare agreements designed to enhance the reach and efficiency of air travel within the region.

With the introduction of its own scheduled services, Solomon Airlines is poised to support Air Vanuatu further as it works towards resuming its operations. Starting July 1, the new schedule will feature twice-weekly flights between Honiara, Port Vila, and Auckland. This initiative supports Air Vanuatu’s repositioning efforts and strengthens the overall air connectivity in the Pacific.

The flight schedule is as follows: Flight IE710 will depart from Port Vila to Auckland on Mondays at 5:50 PM and arrive in Auckland at 10:05 PM. The return flight, IE711, will leave Auckland on Tuesdays at 12:00 PM and reach Port Vila at 2:15 PM. This schedule provides convenient options for travellers and ensures that essential air services are maintained.

Solomon Airlines, one of the oldest airlines in the Pacific region, is celebrating its 62nd anniversary this year. The airline is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient air travel solutions for its passengers, including residents, tourists, seasonal workers, and corporate travellers. The airline’s commitment to fostering regional connectivity underscores its role as a vital player in the Pacific aviation sector.

Solomon Airlines’ CEO remarked, “Our new scheduled services between Vanuatu and New Zealand are a testament to our commitment to the region. We understand the importance of these routes for many stakeholders and are proud to support the ongoing needs of our communities and partners.”

In addition to its operational efforts, Solomon Airlines continues to partner with Air Vanuatu and the Vanuatu government. This collaboration aims to support the necessary processes for the return of Air Vanuatu’s national carrier status. Solomon Airlines remains dedicated to this partnership and looks forward to the resumption of strong mutual relations.

Travellers can book their flights through Solomon Airlines’ General Sales Agents in Auckland and Port Vila. For online bookings, visit Solomon Airlines or email reservations at reservations@flysolomons.com.

For more information on flight schedules, booking details, and the latest updates, travellers can visit the official Solomon Airlines website or contact local travel agents.

With this strategic move, Solomon Airlines enhances travel options within the Pacific and reaffirms its role as a critical connector in the region, ensuring the skies remain open and accessible.




Written by: Jill Walsh