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This week at the Australian Tourism Exchange in Melbourne, Sensory Tourism Australia launched its brand to provide inclusive and accessible products for

vision-impaired international visitors. Sensory tourism is an emerging concept that presents destinations differently, with less emphasis on traditional sightseeing—created by the founders of Cocky Guides, an award-winning group tour operator for blind and low-vision travellers that has operated in Australia since 2018.

Sensory Tourism Australia Director and co-founder Kellie Hayes says, “We are delighted to present Australia’s first curated, ‘stay and discover’ packages in Sydney, Melbourne and

Cairns, designed to support blind and low vision travellers visiting Australia. With a keen focus on presenting Australian destinations in a sensory and tactile way, our guides are, first and foremost, experienced tour guides who have each had hundreds of hours presenting

destinations to blind and low-vision travellers.”

Sensory Tourism Australia has actively worked with Destination NSW in their NSW First Progam to develop an internationally ready product to welcome blind and low-vision

travellers from overseas to visit Australia.

The team from Sensory Tourism Australia met with inbound wholesalers during the

Australian Tourism Exchange to enable international travel agents access to a unique and wold-leading product for blind and low-vision travellers to visit Australia with an all-in-one package for fully immersive and engaging experiences in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns.

Learn more at sensorytourismaustralia.com