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Hotel Industry Poised to Surpass $500 Billion by 2028.The global hotel industry is on the brink of an unprecedented milestone, with projections indicating that it will surpass a $500 billion valuation by 2028. This dramatic growth trajectory is a testament to the sector’s resilience and adaptability in recent global challenges. Following a period of recovery post-COVID-19, the hotel industry is thriving, with robust revenue increases and a significant surge in the number of travellers utilizing hotel services.

According to data from Stocklytics.com, the global hotel industry is poised to experience a 9% revenue growth, reaching $446.5 billion in 2024. This upward trend is expected to continue, with the market adding another $50 billion over the subsequent four years, culminating in a total market value exceeding half a trillion dollars.

Unprecedented Growth in Hotel Users

The revival of the hotel industry is not just limited to revenue; the number of hotel users is also set to soar. A Statista survey reveals that in 2023, tourists, travellers, and businesspeople spent $411 billion on hotel accommodations, an increase of $41 billion from pre-pandemic levels. This figure is projected to grow by almost 9% in 2024, achieving a market volume of $446.5 billion.

Looking ahead, the annual growth rate is expected to moderate slightly. Still, the industry will continue to see an average annual revenue increase of $15 billion, leading to a market volume of $508.9 billion by 2028. Regionally, Asia is predicted to be the most significant contributor, generating $192 billion or 37% of total market revenue. North America and Europe will follow, contributing $147 billion and $121.6 billion, respectively.

Surge in Hotel Accommodations Usage

The Statista survey also indicates a substantial increase in people using hotel accommodations. In 2024, the number of hotel users is expected to surpass 1.26 billion, marking the highest ever recorded. This trend is anticipated to continue, with an additional 130 million users projected to enter the market over the next four years, bringing the total to nearly 1.4 billion by 2028.

Market Challenges and Stock Fluctuations

Despite these promising projections, the stocks of major hotel groups have faced volatility. Marriott International, the largest player in the hotel industry, saw its stock price drop by $8 billion over the past two months, falling from a market cap of $73.8 billion in March to $65.8 billion. Hilton Worldwide, the second-largest company, also experienced a decline, with its stock value decreasing from $53.8 billion to $50.1 billion. Oriental Land, the third-largest player, suffered the most significant drop, with a $12 billion decrease, bringing its market value to $46.7 billion as of last week.

These fluctuations underscore the complex dynamics in the hotel market, where optimistic growth forecasts are tempered by immediate financial challenges faced by leading companies. Investors and stakeholders closely monitor these trends, balancing optimism about the sector’s long-term potential with caution regarding short-term market movements.

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Written by: Anne Keam