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Dubai World Trade Centre - logoIn a resounding testament to its pivotal role in the global events and exhibitions industry, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) has reported a staggering US$4.98 billion in total economic output for 2023. This marks an extraordinary 40% year-on-year increase, underscoring DWTC’s significant contribution to Dubai’s economy.

Record-Breaking Attendance and Events

DWTC welcomed an impressive 2.47 million participants across 301 events, with 76 large-scale events drawing 1.54 million attendees, 46% of whom travelled from overseas. The Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) Report highlights the robust performance of these large-scale events, each attracting over 2000 attendees and collectively driving substantial economic gains.

Impressive Economic Output

The report reveals that DWTC’s events generated an impressive US$4.98 billion in economic output. Of this, a substantial US$2.87 billion contributed directly to Dubai’s Gross Value Added (GVA), retaining 58% of the total economic output within the local economy. The remarkable increase in international participation, which soared by 53%, underscores Dubai’s global appeal as a premier business destination.

Socio-Economic Benefits

The impact of DWTC’s events extends beyond direct economic gains. These events supported 69,281 jobs, contributing US$915 million in disposable household income. This economic activity fosters socio-economic development, enhancing Dubai’s status as a leading global business hub. The DWTC’s alignment with Dubai’s Economic Agenda D33 reinforces the city’s strategic efforts in sector diversification and sustainable growth.

Leadership and Vision

His Excellency Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General of DWTC Authority, emphasized the strategic importance of DWTC’s contributions: “Aligned with Dubai’s Economic Agenda D33, we continue to spearhead efforts in sector diversification, reinforcing the city’s stature as a leading global business hub. The remarkable accomplishments of 2023, presented in the ‘DWTC Economic Impact Assessment Report’, demonstrate that Dubai’s MICE sector, driven by DWTC, remains a vital pillar of financial resilience and growth, underscoring our accelerated strides towards sustainable socio-economic development.”

Sector Contributions

Key sectors such as Healthcare, Medical and Scientific, Information Technology (IT), Food, Hotel, and Catering were prominent contributors, collectively accounting for 59% (US$1.71 billion) of the GVA. These sectors also represented 49% (747,468) of total large-scale event visitation, highlighting their strategic alignment with Dubai’s economic priorities.

Boost to Adjacent Sectors

The economic benefits of DWTC’s events ripple across adjacent sectors. Hotels, air travel, and local transportation experienced significant boosts in economic activity, with direct revenue generated through expenditure reaching nearly US$2.94 billion. This surge underscores the comprehensive impact of DWTC’s events on Dubai’s economy.

The Dubai World Trade Centre’s remarkable performance in 2023 highlights its crucial role in driving economic growth and fostering Dubai’s global business hub status. The impressive figures from the Economic Impact Assessment Report reflect DWTC’s success and signify the broader socio-economic development achieved through strategic alignment and international participation.




Written by: My Thanh Pham