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TravelManagers LogoIn a monumental achievement, TravelManagers has announced that their dedicated Customer Fund (TCF) has amassed over one million dollars, a significant milestone reached in under five years. This fund is a critical component of TravelManagers’ extensive consumer protection framework, designed to shield clients from potential financial discrepancies caused by the insolvency of approved travel suppliers.

Established to offer an additional layer of security, the TCF has become a cornerstone of confidence for travellers, particularly in a post-pandemic world where financial safety is paramount. This fund ensures that TravelManagers’ clients are never left disadvantaged, providing up to $25,000 per person in compensations that have already been effectively claimed by numerous travellers, safeguarding their travel investments.

TravelManagers’ proactive approach to customer security was highlighted in CHOICE’s November 2023 review, praising the initiative as a model of financial protection for Australian travellers. The fund benefits clients and is a pivotal reason for many personal travel managers (PTMs) to affiliate with TravelManagers. According to Joanne Miller, a PTM based in Greystanes, NSW, the assurance of financial protection is a significant selling point when discussing travel plans with clients.

Grant Campbell, Chief Operating Officer of TravelManagers, emphasized the fund’s ongoing growth, which is set to accelerate as the network of PTMs expands. He remarked, “While the current state of the travel industry is buoyant, our commitment to preparing for future uncertainties remains steadfast. The TCF is integral to this preparedness, ensuring clients and PTMs are insulated from potential financial shocks.”

The success of the TCF reflects TravelManagers’ dedication to its client base and its strategic foresight in an unpredictable industry. It’s not just about managing risks; it’s about transforming them into assurances for travellers and travel professionals. As the travel landscape evolves, such financial protections will likely become even more significant, positioning TravelManagers as a leader in traveller security.

By setting a precedent for financial safety in travel, TravelManagers enhances client trust and solidifies its reputation as a leader in the travel industry, committed to the well-being of its customers and associates alike.




Written by: Michelle Warner